Don’t Do This at the Gym Part 1

Guy working out with weightsIt doesn’t matter what kind of gym you go to or what part of the world you’re from, each gym has the same type of individuals that can get on your nerves, the gym is a place to better yourself and your physique but if something (people) gets in the way it can be tricky to focus and finish your workout, if you’ve seen these individuals at your gym you can probably agree that they can be a little irritating and distracting, if you’re one of them you may need rethink your gym strategy.

Don’t talk: It’s understandable, you are new to the gym and want to make a few friends here and there but this isn’t the way to do it, interrupting people during their sets will only annoy them because believe or not a lot of them take training very seriously. If you want to wave and say hello or goodbye it’s ok but don’t go into the gym wanting to talk about yesterday’s football game or the weather.

Don’t take more than 3 machines at the same time: Probably the most irritating person at the gym is someone who takes more than 3 machines or pieces of equipment at the same time, people want to work out but if you have everything to yourself you are going to keep them from doing their stuff, if you want to do a superset don’t take more than 2 pieces of equipment (dumbbells, barbells, machines, it doesn’t matter) if you want to use something and it’s occupied don’t just take it, ask for it first.

Don’t take your house with you: It’s good if you want to take some knee wraps for squats and a belt for deadlifts but don’t take everything especially if you’re going to leave if all over the gym. A lot people like taking water, workout supplements, belt, gloves, wrist straps, towels, hand sanitizer, shoes, clean clothes etc. if you’re one of these please leave it in your locker or in your car, the lighter you pack for the gym the better, trust me, at most you need water and a towel.

Don’t use your cell phone: Avoid using your cell phone for making calls or texting Guy doing crunchesbecause all that you’re doing is taking up a bench or machine that someone wants, if you want to use it for music its perfect just avoid playing candy crush on it while doing bench press.

Don’t dance and sing: Trust me it happens! You may be out of people’s way while doing this but it’s just simply annoying, if you want to sing and dance to Justin Bieber or ABBA please do it at the comfort of your own home. No matter how pumped you are focus that strength into your lifting not into singing.

Do abs at home: Yes you read it right! If you want to train abs do it at your house, you don’t need any fancy machines to work them out, just do 1000 crunches a day and you’re good to go. It’s pretty common at any gym that there are several people taking up the dumbbells, benches and space that can be used for lifting so they can do abs, why pay 30 dollars a month at a gym when you can do it for free at home? Think about it.

Don’t do this at the gym part 2

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