An Opinion on Bodybuilding

Bodybuilder posingToday,  fitness is one of the most popular trends amongst individuals of all ages but it wasn’t always like this, in today’s society there are a bunch of different activities that people can choose from in order to achieve mental and physical health such as pilates, crossfit, weighlifting, spinning etc. The list goes on and on but weightlifting or more specifically bodybuilding has always been the foundation on today’s “healthy society.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s a trend started that got people moving, individuals such as Charles Atlas, Eugene Sandow and others started what we call the Bodybuilding era, they took a circus attraction (Strength show) and made it into a popular hobby for people to enjoy, they focused on showing people how strong their bodies were and how developed they had become at the same time, eventually the trend started spreading and it caught the eye of several people that contributed into making this new trend into a worldwide recognized sport; one of these individuals is the late Joe Weider.

Joe Weider decided to create the famous Mr. Olympia known as the super bowl of bodybuilding, only the best of the best get to compete in this show which they have to qualify for by winning other mayor shows below Olympia level. Anyways, people were so amazed at the physiques that stepped on stage that bodybuilding started going viral. A famous individual that got his start by competing in bodybuilding shows is 7 time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger now a well known movie star and politician. The physiques from the early 1900’s were complete and muscular and as time started moving the competitions were getting stiffer and getting more competitive because of people such as Arnold, Sergio Oliva and Larry Scott, now it wasn’t a question of how much muscle somebody had like Sandow or Atlas but it was about how proportionate the physique was, how much muscle was on it and how much did a physique resemble a Greek God’s.

Physiques changed quite a bit from the 60’s to the 80’s but in the 90’s in went to another level, mass monsters started to appear I mean these bodybuilders were almost 270lbs! which is about 70lbs more than bodybuilders from past decades at this point is when the sport started losing its touch and began going downhill. Bodybuilding started out as a showmanship of aesthetic bodies with pleasing lines, it was the perfection of the body not the mutation of it! Today we see bodybuilders that weigh close to 310lbs walk on stage and they don’t look good at all.

The sport has lost interest because it’s not pretty to look at and the quantity of drugs and steroids that goes into it is pretty high, that said, it’s not popular amongst most people massbecause they know what bodybuilding should be about. And yeah a lot of people can say that the prize money is higher than it ever was and a bigger part of society is intrigued by it but honestly how can a sport that’s not televised go viral? In order to find out about a bodybuilding event you have to do quite a bit of research, the Olympia is watchable by webcast and take into consideration that this is THE show.

I admire the effort that bodybuilders from today’s era put in, they look like monsters and they are amazing to look at but I personally would rather look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Larry Scott over any of today’s bodybuilders. Mass should be regulated because there comes a point when it doesn’t look good anymore, I know a lot of you are going to say that Phil Heath or Shawn Rhoden are aesthetically pleasing and I agree but they are mass monsters and if the sport keeps going the way it is it’s never going to be a main attraction like Basketball or Soccer.

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