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PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

PhenQ weight loss supplement is an efficient carb blocker, appetite suppressant, and fat burner to help you lose weight fast.

PhenQ weight loss supplement is a safe and effective diet pill. It will help anyone lose weight fast with no side effects.

PhenQ offers three weight loss benefits in one pill. It burns fat, suppresses appetite and blocks carbs.

The benefits of PhenQ currently surpass those of other leading weight loss pills on the market.

What is a PhenQ weight loss supplement?

PhenQ is a 3 in 1 weight loss pill that blocks carbs, burns fat, and suppresses appetite, offering you everything you need for fast weight loss. –

How PhenQ works

PhenQ has carefully combined several quality ingredients to speed up your metabolism to help you burn fat all day, it also acts as a powerful appetite suppressant and carb blocker, preventing excess carb absorption by 40%, and helping you lose weight fast. 

PhenQ provides the following benefits:

  • PhenQ helps you burn stored fat
  • Acts as an effective appetite suppressant
  • Blocks carbohydrate absorption between 30-40%
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Blocks and prevents fat production to prevent weight gain
  • Improve energy and stamina levels
  • Acts as a powerful thermogenic

Now that you know a little about how PhenQ works, let’s take a look at the ingredients. I must admit some of them are very new to me and are very unique to this product.

a-LACYS RESET® is a powerful thermogenic that speeds up your metabolic rate which is what is responsible for how fast your body burns calories, in simple terms it increases your body’s natural fat-burning mechanism to burn more fat per hour than it normally would, it also acts as a powerful antioxidant, you can read more about it here.

Capisimax powder is a very familiar ingredient that also acts as a powerful thermogenic to help stimulate your metabolism the ingredients include piperine (black pepper) and capsicum (red pepper derivative) a combination of the two peppers stimulates your metabolism and studies have shown that it can even prevent new fat cell production.

Nopal Cactus is another key ingredient in PhenQ, it is a great source of natural fibre and it’s high in amino acids giving you more energy throughout the day, it also helps you lose extra weight due to fluid retention or bloating, not to mention that the Nopal Cactus is famous for decreasing blood sugar levels up to 20% and has been used for decades in Mexico and Japan to treat type 1 and type II diabetes.

Other ingredients in PhenQ weight loss supplement include caffeine which is used to suppress appetite, and Chromium Picolinate which plays a role in reducing food cravings, it also helps eliminate sugars from complex carbs that are consumed.

Who should consider taking a PhenQ weight loss supplement?

Anyone who is overweight will benefit from PhenQ, if you are having problems losing weight PhenQ will help. PhenQ is not expensive and truly delivers on its promise.

How much does the PhenQ weight loss supplement cost?

In my opinion, you get what you pay for, PhenQ delivers a great product at a very reasonable price. One bottle of PhenQ (30-day supply) cost $69.95 they also offer a buy 2 get 1 free, which brings the price down to $46.63 per bottle, or buy 3 get 2 free which reduces the price to $37.99 per bottle.

The company does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee which is more than ample time to try the product and find out if it will work for you,  their refund policy is truly hassle-free,  if you are not satisfied with their product you have 60 days to return the product for a full refund, with PhenQ there are no recurring credit card charges.


PhenQ weight loss supplement is by far one of the best products to help anyone lose weight, on average (without diet and exercise) you can expect to lose 5 lbs per week, and you can easily double that amount by adding exercise into your daily routine and making subtle changes to your eating habits.

Where to buy

While you may find PhenQ weight loss supplement on sites like Amazon I would suggest you order PhenQ directly from the official website, this will ensure you receive a legitimate product and you can take advantage of the special discounts and offers at the time of purchase.

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