Stuff to Take to the Gym

Ripped guy wiping sweat of foreheadMany people don’t use gym bags because to be honest they can be pretty annoying when it comes to carrying them around and most gym rats don’t take enough stuff to the gym to need a bag but they can be pretty handy, when I went to the college gym or even to my normal training gym I used to grab a towel, a couple of bucks for some water, my car keys and then drive to the gym without thinking about it twice but the day came when I started to get more serious about bodybuilding and I started to need stuff (Gym accessories) to help push my workouts to the max, below is a list of stuff that you should consider taking with you to the gym.

Belt: For me belts have always been annoying, I have used one maybe once or twice in my entire life and in my opinion they take up too much space, they make me waste time between sets (putting in on and taking it off) and I just don’t find them to be that helpful,  but on the other hand I know a lot of people that had a lot of difficulties performing several exercises and a belt was all they needed, back support can be good for preventing injuries so if you don’t feel like the hulk yet and think you need a little help with your lower back during sets, you need to think about using a belt.

Gloves and Straps: I see people all of the time at the gym that wear straps for doing 184638581curls! I mean what’s the point; if you are going to do some heavy rows or dead-lifts you need that support because your hands can only handle so much pressure before letting go, also, if your hands are delicate and hurt when doing several exercises you should think about getting some lifting gloves and let me say that you don’t need to buy the expensive gasp training gear because cheap gloves and straps will do the trick.

Lifting Chalk: If you feel like you don’t need the help from gloves or straps and you want to develop man hands with the forearms to go along with it,  you should definitely use chalk of some sort to help grip the bar right, I’ve used normal chalk and it works pretty good.

Water: Hydration is one of the most important things to do while you are at the gym,  not only does it help with keeping your body moving it also helps to give you good muscle pumps, if you have done any research on how muscles work,  than you probably know that water makes up almost the entire muscle so if you’re constantly drinking small sips of water during your workout you will feel better and get better pumps.

Supplements: I’m not a big fan of taking supplements during my workout because they fill me up a lot, so I rather take them before or after the workout,  but many people believe that taking supplements such as BCAA’s or even Creatine can help with muscle building, so if you want to take a supplement before, after or during a workout make sure to put in inside your gym bag.

Towel: Please don’t be that person that uses a piece of equipment gets it all sweaty and moves on to the next exercise, it’s disgusting and just not right so please take a towel to regulate your sweat and always clean up after your done.

Whatever you decide to take on your magical trip to the gym has to go along with your needs, don’t take something because your friend or the buff guy in the corner does, if you feel like you need straps, get straps but if you don’t then forget about it, when it comes to taking stuff to the gym the less the better because trust me you don’t want to be carrying around a 45lb bag while doing squats or dead-lifts I mean at least I don’t.

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