Weight Lifting for Teenagers

Teenage bodybuilder This is probably one of the most debated subjects in the whole Bodybuiding world, it seems that a lot of people have different opinions on this subject but till today nobody has proven a 100% if it’s good or bad for a teenager to approach weight lifting.

First of all you have to ask yourself why do you want to go to the gym, if it’s because of a girl, a sport, or just self image, I ask this because everyone that goes to the gym is there because of something that troubles them and they need to get away from that issue, I myself started going because of self image, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body and decided it was time for a change.

When I started working out I was 16, I started exercising at my home with an old weight set my dad used to have so I pretty much just did the typical exercises a newcomer does at a gym; curls, bench press and squats, I also did some cardio with a spinning bike that was around the house, eventually I started to lose weight and started getting stronger I liked it so much that I joined a gym, not even a month into training my friends and teachers used to tell me that it was bad for me, I was going to stay short and was going to get hurt, well, I didn’t listen to any of them all I did was kept going, working out and not looking back.

Eventually my clothes didn’t start fitting, I went from a medium shirt to a XXL in two and a half years, my jeans size went up because my legs didn’t fit but my waist stayed small and I ate whatever I wanted, there were days when I ate close to 7000 calories, if I didn’t almost kill myself in the gym each and every time I walked in there I wouldn’t eat as much plus I did the cardio to go along with it.

To make a long story short, weight lifting changed my life and my body, it feels amazing to know how much I have changed as a person not to mention that everybody that used to tell me that going to the gym was bad joined a few years after and begged me to train them.

As a teenager your body is developing at a fast pace, your hormones are going full speed, you’re young and have energy, why not use it to better your body and mind? Don’t think about what anybody says, it doesn’t matter that the reason for you going to the gym is, just go and start lifting heavy weight eat a lot and watch your body transform, lifting will not make you short or hurt your bones it does the total opposite.

The first few months are always pretty cool for any beginner because you will experience you first body changes, this will only make you want more. So don’t sit around and let anybody tell you what to do, put some music on your ipod and go workout, in no time at all you will be better than those people who tried to set you back .

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