Best Supplements for Gaining Muscle

When it comes to gaining lean muscle it takes time, effort and lots of hard work, unfortunately most of us would like to build muscle overnight, but like everything else we want it now but it cant happen soon enough, there are certain things you can do to accelerate muscle growth.

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Before even consider taking a supplement you want to make sure you are doing a few things properly, which means eating good quality foods that are high in protein, making sure you are getting proper rest and most importantly making sure that every training session counts, this means when you go to the gym you need to train as intensely as possible. This is where it can be difficult to gain muscle mass, often we don’t have the energy or stamina to continue to make gains. Continue reading

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What Do I Want to Look Like?

Young boy lifting a dumbellIf you are new to the fitness world or you’re just looking for some info on general health and fitness you are in the right place, I remember when I started weight lifting there wasn’t much stuff or activities to pick from, I mean as a little kid I did it all; music lessons, karate, swimming etc. but none of that were for me.

When I was little I was really overweight and I didn’t really care about it until high school rolled around the corner and hit me in the face, in that very moment being in shape was my number one priority because honestly I just wanted to look good for the girls, big mistake though, since as you may know girls today go for the skinny six pack look I tried to achieve that by not eating, I jogged 3 miles every day and the end result was me turning into an anorexic and unhealthy person, at first I really didn’t care that I didn’t have any energy or looked like a skeleton but then I analyzed myself and I figured out that I was going down the wrong path, I wasn’t going out to have lunch, I didn’t eat at school and I was pretty crabby all the time, eventually people started telling me that I should just go back to being happy and overweight and that’s when it hit me, this wasn’t what I wanted or needed and it was time to change. Continue reading

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Bodybuilding after Forty for Men

Older bodybuilder posingOne of the most frequent questions professional bodybuilders and athletes get asked is, “Am I too old to start weight lifting?” the answer to this will always be “No, you’re never too old” and they are not just saying that. There is a huge misconception related to bodybuilding and age, asking if you are “too old” to do something is kind of like asking a little kid if he’s too young to play an instrument or practice a sport, this is the beauty of bodybuilding, no matter what age, body type or purpose you have there are always ways to improve one’s body and mind, the pure purpose of bodybuilding is to make what you already have better day by day.

The myth that has been going around regarding the difficulty of bodybuilding in men over forty is mostly false, we say mostly because part of it has some truth to it, and no, this isn’t meant to discourage you in any way as it’s meant to do the opposite and to give you an idea on what you’re up against if you want to achieve a better physique than most twenty year olds. Bodybuilding generally becomes harder for men after the age of thirty, yes, thirty, after this age the natural testosterone levels that peaked between the ages of twenty and thirty slowly start to decrease, it’s a normal part of aging but that aging can be slowed down, you have to remember that everyone is genetically different meaning that your muscle building capacities will be different then your friend’s or brother’s for example. Continue reading

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Weight Lifting for Teenagers

Teenage bodybuilder This is probably one of the most debated subjects in the whole Bodybuiding world, it seems that a lot of people have different opinions on this subject but till today nobody has proven a 100% if it’s good or bad for a teenager to approach weight lifting.

First of all you have to ask yourself why do you want to go to the gym, if it’s because of a girl, a sport, or just self image, I ask this because everyone that goes to the gym is there because of something that troubles them and they need to get away from that issue, I myself started going because of self image, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body and decided it was time for a change.

When I started working out I was 16, I started exercising at my home with an old weight set my dad used to have so I pretty much just did the typical exercises a newcomer does at a gym; curls, bench press and squats, I also did some cardio with a spinning bike that was around the house, eventually I started to lose weight and started getting stronger I liked it so much that I joined a gym, not even a month into training my friends and teachers used to tell me that it was bad for me, I was going to stay short and was going to get hurt, well, I didn’t listen to any of them all I did was kept going, working out and not looking back. Continue reading

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Weight Lifting for Women

Woman posing with weights in handEvery day you go to the gym you can see women are always stretching, working out their abs, doing pilates or even going to a spinning class, some of them touch a few machines here and there but you will rarely see a women at the gym execute a training routine to perfection or even try to do it.

Women are usually afraid of weights, every trainer  knows this and honestly I don’t know why! Women think that if they hit the weights they will get all muscular like all of the Ms. Olympia’s in a few months time, well, if that were the case it would apply to men too, there are men who have worked out all of their life and don’t have a physique close to Phil Heath’s, so, why would a women gain an insane amount of muscle that a man can’t gain in a year’s time? well, it can’t happen and it won’t happen, gaining muscle is difficult and requires and insane amount of work. Continue reading

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Legal Steroids for Women – Crazy Bulk

Woman with great physique posingMany women believe that lifting heavy weights will make their muscles big, however its very obvious that physiologically men and women are very different, as a woman you may think that thin is in,  and it is to certain extent,  but a well defined body is different than being skinny or thin, women who lift moderate to heavy weights can transform their physique in to a very attractive body, but sometimes it takes more than exercise and diet alone.

Legal Steroids for Women – Crazy Bulk

Crazy bulk is a company that makes a safe and legal alternative to anabolic steroids,  and no it will not turn you in to a muscle bound behemoth, on the contrary,  Crazy Bulk has three special products to help women achieve an outstanding body, give you more strength and stamina in the gym, while at the same time help you gain lean muscle and burn fat. Continue reading

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What Are Fat Burners and When to Use Them

Woman measuring waistFat burners are one of those dietary supplements advertised everywhere in the weight loss industry, spreading the promise of quick weight loss in a short period of time, some of this information does hold some truth, if used correctly fat burners can be very effective, however many men and women will go out and buy them to  lose weight,  but that is not the sole purpose of a fat burner.


Fat burner benefits include:

  • Speed up metabolism
  • Improve energy levels
  • Curb appetite
  • Help burn fat

Fat burners are most effective when used with a moderate to intense exercise or training program!

Most modern day fat burners contain two key ingredients which are Caffeine and Green Tea extracts, some may also contain a combination of other ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones, Bladderwack and Ginseng which can in fact help curb appetite, this does not mean you can go out and eat everything you see, that is if you want to drop some extra pounds. Continue reading

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How to Grow Big Arms

Girl measuring bodybuilders bicepsLet’s be honest, there isn’t a single man out there who doesn’t wish to have bigger and more defined arms than he currently has, they are literally the first thing non lifters look at when you’re walking by, you could have little legs but if you have arms you automatically look like you lift, even though it shouldn’t be this way, Always train legs, lifters will know, they just do.

First and foremost you have to know that just like with other body part your arm development depends highly on your genetic build, even some Mr. Olympia’s HAD weak body parts, take for example Ronnie Coleman and his calves or Phil Heath and his back, even though genetically they weren’t as gifted in those areas they found a way to make them grow and even make them a strong body part, that’s the first lessons you need to take from this article, no matter how weak your arms are you can turn them into a strength, it will take time and dedication but it will happen if you stick with it. Continue reading

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Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

Crazy Bulk is well known for their cutting and bulking stacks, both which have spoken for themselves, their products have been found to be extremely effective when it comes to leaning out or gaining muscle mass, but their third stack is what is called the ultimate stack and why it’s so popular is because it offers all 6 key products to provide you with everything you need to achieve the ultimate physique, not only will it improve your overall gains it will also save you some money. >>Click here to learn more<<

Crazy Bulk Products

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In case you have never heard of Crazy Bulk products you are probably wondering what they are, in short Crazy Bulk is what is considered a legal steroid, it works by stimulating natural hormone production, helping you gain lean muscle mass and strength, without the harsh side effects that are caused by synthetic or anabolic steroids. Continue reading

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Who Says Supplements Do Not Work

I admit I love working out,  and now in my late 40’s I can still hammer the weights pretty good, day after day if you are any kind of athlete or just the average guy, training can be harder, our testosterone levels begin to dwindle as well as other key hormones our body needs to maintain muscle mass. I do admit, I am an advocate for supplement use and I always have been, some have worked very well and others not so well, but its just like bodybuilding,  its trial and error. Every day I go to the gym I try to shock the muscle, always changing my training routines.

I am not s big as I used to be, in my younger days at 6 ft 2inches I weighed around 280 lbs and had a 32 inch waist, people always asked me what I was taking, I would take a variety of supplements that I would purchase from the back pages of muscle and fitness magazine.

About 6 years ago I ordered a tub of a Creatine supplement, at that time I was 40 years old and living in Mexico, since the company would not ship here I had a friend bring it down, it sat on the desk in my office for about a week before I took it home and began using it, for that week that tub of Creatine was the centerpiece of conversation, friends and clients would see it and some comments were “that sh***t don’t work” or how much did you spend on that, what a waste of money. Continue reading

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