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Anybody that starts weight lifting eventually plans on bettering their body not just making it healthier but making it look from another world, a lot of people go the gym to lose weight while others go to gain muscle but like I said, the main purpose is to achieve the best body possible. Before becoming teenagers a lot of people suffer from baby weight while others are just thin, I noticed that all of the people that were overweight when they were little eventually lost the fat and the thin ones stayed thin.

As I grew up I wondered why my best friend could eat nine twinkies, a coca cola and a sandwich in one sitting and not gain any weight but if I did the same I would get as round as a beach ball so I decided to do some research,  when I started going to the gym and such what I found surprised me a lot, well, to be honest let me just say that the human body is something amazing.


As I kept on doing my research to solve the mystery of my “weird body” I came across something called a body type calculator, basically what this does is asks you a few questions on your body and it gives you a result, my result said that I’m an endomorph, at that time I didn’t know what that meant but when I found out I wasn’t happy about it, now it’s the total opposite. Basically there are three general types of bodies; Ectomorph’s (Thin), Mesomorph’s (Muscular) and Endomorph’s (Thick).

Ectomorph’s are well known for being thin and not being able to gain muscle or even fat easily, they have a large and thin bone structure, they can eat, drink and well basically stuff their mouth all day and won’t gain a pound, my friend can be classified in this group (The twinkie guy). It’s hard to gain muscle but it is possible with a lot of food and the correct exercise regime.

What I’ve noticed personally is that if Ectomorph’s go overboard with food when they are young, they will get fat as they grow older all of this is due to the fact that their body’s metabolism is insanely fast when they’re young, if they consume the same amount of food when they grow older the metabolism will be slower and fat will accumulate.

Mesomorph’s are the lucky ones, they are naturally athletic and muscular, they are big boned and stocky, they can gain muscle fast and do the opposite for fat, if they hit the gym they will grow muscle fast and become stronger. It’s pretty rare to see someone with this type of physique but they exist.

Endomorph’s are like Mesomorph’s but without one advantage; they tend to gain fat pretty easily, that said, their bone structure is big and thick, they can gain muscle fast but gain fat easily and it’s hard for them to lose it. If they stay away from junk food they can achieve a good body like a Mesomorph.

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These are general classifications meaning that you can actually be in the middle or be a mix between two body types, you could be an Ectomorph because you are thin but also have some Mesomorph if you gain muscle fast, if you want to have a good body forget about these classifications, you can gain muscle if you put in the work, all I’m trying to say is that some people have it easier than others because of their genetic advantage but at the end of the day whoever works the hardest at it gets the best results.

Forget what the body type calculator says, they are not accurate, each body is different all you have to do is figure out what works for you and put in into play, If you’re thin or overweight it doesn’t mean you will always be put in the work and watch the magic happen.


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