My Favorite Muscle building Foods

When it comes to building muscle it takes more than lifting heavy weight, proper nutrition and supplements can help, in this article, I will discuss a few of my favorite foods that contain plenty of the right nutrients your body needs to pack on muscle. Beef Many say that red meat is bad for you, … Read more

Four Important Chest Exercises for Perfect Pecs

Four Important Chest Exercises for Perfect Pecs – Best Exercises for a Massive Chest Both men and women can benefit from working out their chest, if women work out their chest they can increase the underlying muscle underneath the fatty tissue in the breast, making them look fuller and firmer, men who perform chest exercises … Read more

Uncommon Bodybuilding Exercises

Weight training has and will always be the essence of Bodybuilding, without it we couldn’t sculpt the physique of our dreams or build the superhuman strength that is idolized by mere mortals. Currently, the art of weight training lacks a certain rawness that made it very special just a few decades ago; it seems that … Read more