4 Exercises for Big Triceps

Big guns are something any bodybuilder would like to have, here are 4 exercises for big triceps to make your arms huge. Any guy who is into bodybuilding wants big guns, you can work on your biceps all you want, but triceps are the muscle that will make your arms look big. Implementing these 4 … Read more

Bulking and the Holiday Season

The benefits of bulking up during the holiday season to gain muscle. Bulking is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable aspects of living a bodybuilding lifestyle. A bulking cycle is a time when food becomes a delight instead of a tool and where new levels of growth can be achieved. The first point … Read more

5 Practical Tips to Keep Gaining Muscle

While genetics play a big role in how much muscle you can gain, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have the best of them, it may take more effort and time but building a good physique is definitely achievable by using common sense and a little bit of strategy. Below are … Read more

High Intensity Training (HIT)

High Intensity Training (HIT) The Best Training Method for Massive Muscle Gains High-Intensity Training (HIT) has always been the subject of controversy in Bodybuilding due to the uncommon and unconventional principles it promotes. Unlike other popular types of resistance training that consist of high sets and high repetitions for muscular growth, HIT goes against it … Read more

Exercises that are Often Neglected for Massive Gains

To increase muscle mass it's important to shock the muscles as much as you possibly can, training with the same old routine will eventually lead to plateaus that are hard to break so it's important to constantly change up the workout routine as much as possible, here are a few exercises that were performed by some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time which is why they have always stood out and will continue to be legends as long as the sport of bodybuilding exists.

The forearm roller

Exercises that are Often Neglected for Massive Gains - Bodybuilder performing forearm rollerForearms are often neglected and while they do get worked when performing other exercises such as deadlifts, t-bar rows, and barbell curls, the workout the forearms get are only secondary.

The forearm roller directly works the forearms, you can make your own roller for just a few bucks, all you need is an old broomstick and some rope, attach a 10 or 15 pound plate to one end of the rope and the other to a 25 to 30 inch broomstick and roll it up and then roll it down as you get used to this exercise you can gradually add more weight and make those forearms massive.

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Incredible Traps with Three Exercises

The trapezius muscle is often a neglected body part and it should not be, it performs three functions, the “superior region” supports the weight of the arm, the “intermediate region” retracts the scapulae and the “inferior region” is the ascending part of the trapezius which rotates and depresses the scapulae, however many times people don’t … Read more