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MyProtein LogoIf you are like me and love bodybuilding you probably take some kind of supplement, while some of you may not think twice when spending on supplements, I still have a family to feed so I need to stick to a strict budget. In the past, I would find discounts at some of the local supplement stores but who has time to shop around.

There are many quality supplements available but not many that offer both quality and price, here is my review on a company that I have found to offer a variety of very good supplements at a reasonable price, in fact if you find a cheaper price they will beat it.

One of the original reasons I learned about the company was when I was looking for a natural peanut butter source, my son loves peanut butter and so do I but finding one that is all natural is hard, in fact the highlight of Myprotein peanut butter is that the only ingredient is 100% peanuts, sure you can make your own but for the price who would want to, a 40 oz tub cost under $6.00 and it comes in both creamy or crunchy.

Peanut butter is not the only thing the company sells, in fact, they have an abundance of so many different products that if you are not careful you can rack up a good size tab in a short period of time. 

MyProtein 100% Pure Peanut butter

If you are serious about packing on size there are three key products MyProtein sells that can help you pack on lean muscle and increase strength which include:

  • Creatine
  • Whey Protein
  • L-Glutamine

Creapure Creatine

MyProtein Pure Creatine MonohydrateThe MyProtein Creapure is just what it says, an all natural Creatine Monohydrate in its purest form, this particular Creatine is made in Germany and ships to several different countries, if you are not familiar with the benefits of Creatine you can read more about it here in a recent article I wrote describing the different kinds of Creatine. A 2.2 lb bag of Creapure cost just under $20.00 and is unflavored.


Impact Whey Protein

MyProtein Pure Impact Whey ProteinThe Impact Whey protein is everything you will need to pack on extra lean muscle, may protein supplements seem inexpensive until you actually see how much protein you are actually getting Impact Whey comes in a 2.2 lb pouch and one scoop 25 grams gives you 20 grams of protein and comes in 29 different flavors the 2.2 lb pouch cost $18.89 it also comes in a 5.5 lb and 11 lb presentation.



MyProtein L-GutamineIf you are not familiar the benefits of L-Glutamine you have been missing out, L-Glutamine is important for muscle recovery and development, in fact, there is nothing better you can take after an intense training session, 61% of out skeletal muscle is composed of Glutamine.

Glutamine consists of nitrogen making it the main transport pathway into your muscle cells a must have for any bodybuilder. A 2.2 lb pouch of L-Glutamine cost $29.99 and comes in unflavored or 9 additional flavors to choose from including berry blast, watermelon, blue raspberry, grape, lemon and lime, orange, raspberry lemonade, sour apple and tropical.

The four products above are just a few of the MyProtein product line, they carry many other products, they even have a complete line of gym clothing for both men and women.


If you are serious about training and are looking for one place to satisfy all your sport nutrition needs, buying sport supplements could not be easier, MyProtein delivers a quality product with very cheap prices, they offer quick shipping and fast delivery and will match any price you may find somewhere else.

Another thing I will mention is that you won’t get any fancy packaging from MyProtein, unlike other companies who spend thousands on pretty containers, MyProtein focuses on what’s in their products and not on fancy packaging which is probably another reason why their prices are so reasonable.

Where to buy

My Protein products are only sold online and we highly recommend purchasing directly from their official website they often have different sales and offers plus it ensures you receive a legitimate product and their price guarantee. MyProtein accepts several payment methods including most major credit cards and PayPal.

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