Comparing Pharmamuscle Whey Protein to GNC Brand

Whye Protein Powder with ScoopIn the search for a quality whey protein supplement it can be very difficult, do a search online and you will find many of the popular brand names pop up, but are those really the best option? Your next best bet is to hit your local GNC store but then again its more of the same old stuff, in fact I am still a strong believer that most supplements are produced by one gigantic manufacturer and then relabeled by different companies, most nutritional supplements tend to have very similar ingredients.

Pharmamuscle has spent over two years developing a quality product to truly provide  you with something different. At the time of my review the first thing I looked at was price, and yes it is in fact a little bit more than others, but I am willing to pay a little more for quality, in fact it seems that economic times have pressured many companies in to reducing price while sacrificing quality.

If you are someone who works hard to improve your body the last thing you are going to want to do is skimp on your supplements. Pharmamuscle offers several different products all with quality ingredients, and they truly do go the extra mile to make sure you are putting the right stuff in to your body.

Today I will do a brief comparison on Pharmamuscle whey protein. if you are n athlete or someone that works out hard you know how important muscle synthesis is for building quality muscle. Protein plays a key role in muscle development and whey protein is a popular way to make sure you are getting enough. Below is a comparison of a GNC whey protein product compared to Pharmamuscle I will let you decide for yourself if in fact you want to pay extra.

The below compares GNC to Pharmamuscle Whey Protein

Pharmamuslce vs GNC Whey Protein

Brand Price Servings Grams Protein Hydrolysed Isolate Gluten Free
Pharmamuscle WheyMax 82.61 22 30 Yes Yes
GNC Pro Performance 54.99 18 25 No No

One of the benefits a Hydrolysed protein is that it breaks down protein molecules in to smaller fragments, making them easily absorbed by the body. Pharmamuscle Whey Protein is Hydrolysed and is best consumed shortly before and after your workout.

Below is a chart showing the benefits of Hydrolized protein versus one that is not.

Hydrolysed protein comparison

Other benefits not mentioned about Pharmamuslce whye protein that make it stand out is that is:

  • Wheymax® is Vegetarian society approved
  • Wheymax® is Kosher and Halal
  • Wheymax® has low Glycemic Index status
  • Lactose Free
  • Wheymax® is Hydrolysed Whey – Optipep 90TM

My personal conclusion is that if I just needed an average whey protein supplement and and did not care about lactose, or additional additives the GNC brand is just fine, but if you are a true vegan or like the fact that WheyMax is a kosher product then you will probably want to spend the extra on the WheyMax Protein.

Visit the officila Pharmamuslce website


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