Exercising and Injuries

Bodybuilder standing over weightsA lot of people tend to go easy at the gym because they are scared of getting injured while performing an exercise, instead of performing core lifts such as deadlifts and squats they use machines and do cardio and even though doing this at the gym is good for overall health it won’t get you a fitness model’s body.

If you want to look like a God or Goddess you need to work out like you are one, you can’t go easy on yourself because if you do you will look and feel the same. Getting injured at the gym is common, it can happen to anybody at any given time but mostly it happens to people who don’t have a clue about what they are doing.

A lot of gym trainers will advise their trainees to stay away from deadlifts, squats, bench presses, clean and jerks etc. because they think and claim that they are too dangerous, oddly enough if you browse the internet you will find even more information on why you have to stay away from these particular exercises, don’t believe everything you read online because 99% of the information is junk.

The exercises mentioned above work your core; they work your whole body from all angles! By getting stronger at these lifts you will fortify your body, these particular exercises strengthen your whole core and tighten your body; they simply make you gain muscle, free weight exercises that are performed with dumbbells and barbells are key to packing the muscle on and burning the fat off.

It’s true that a lot of people get injured while doing dead-lifts or squats but it’s because Caucasian male doing deadliftsthey simply don’t know how to perform the exercise correctly, these are complex movements that need to be executed perfectly, instead of asking your trainer (unless he or she is in really good shape) for advice go watch some videos of pro bodybuilders on how to perform them, you will learn a lot more from them than other people.

Like it was mentioned before most people don’t know how to perform exercises correctly, by doing it wrong they can easily pull a back muscle, experience shoulder and elbow pain or even knee pain, if by any chance you have suffered one of these injuries you probably already know that the best thing to do is lay off for a few days in order for your body to rest and heal but if the injury doesn’t seem to get better you should consult a doctor to help you out. A lot of pro powerlifters or even bodybuilders get injured quite frequently because they lift insane amounts of weight, some of them finish they’re workout even with an injury because they know their body so well and they know it can take the pain.

So, if you want to avoid an injury you first have to learn how to perform the exercise, you also need to learn how your body heals and how long it takes to heal, judging by how it acts that’s how you take care of the situation. If you have a minor injury and think you can get through your workout do it! There’s nothing better than working through the pain because it makes you stronger both mentally and physically, never be afraid or even think of getting injured, just forget about everything and everybody and go lift some heavy weight.

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