First Time Walking in to a Gym

Amateur BodybuilderSo you already purchased your gym membership, you probably got your closet full of gym clothes, wrist straps and probably even got a weight lifting belt, the day is almost here and probably five years from now you are going to walk into that gym and kill every weight in there making everyone look like a newbie,  but first things first, you are going to walk into the gym for the first time and you probably don’t have an idea of what do to, read the following tips and you should be good, it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female if you’re young or older, the gym is a place to better yourself mentally and physically.

Set a goal: Before walking in set a goal that you want to achieve, if you want to have a fitness model physique you will have it, if you want to be a Mr. Olympia you will too, even if you just want to lose weight it will happen but you have to set small goals first that will help you get closer to the bigger one. If you plan on doing one hour of cardio but can’t even do half of that don’t get mad or frustrated just aim for smaller goals; do 20 minutes one day then do 40 and so forth, same thing goes for bench press if you want to bench 500lbs one day start of with a 100lbs and go from there, it will happen but you have to patient.

Give it everything you have: When you walk in the gym set everything aside, forget about your boss, forget about the homework you have to do, walk in there confident and ready to give it everything you have, don’t leave unsatisfied, you only get lo leave the gym when you are almost ready to pass out, this is the only way for you to reach your goals, never settle for less.

Use free weights: Please don’t approach the machines and trust me when I say this, they Guy lifting dumbells are fun to do and you can probably do more weight on them versus free weights but it won’t get you the same results as a good old barbell and dumbbells. By using free weights you are using your whole body and core to push, pull and lift the weights, you are defying gravity to build stone hard muscle but if you go do machines it’s kind of like using training wheels on a bicycle it will give you benefits but not the ones you want. The only machines you should use are the cardio machines and maybe sometimes do some weight machines as finishers, this means that once your workout is done and you feel like you can’t lift anymore do one machine as heavy as you can to exhaust the muscle but only under that special and particular circumstance.

Take it easy: Just kidding, these three words don’t exist, if you are not sweating, hurting, aching, crying or vomiting you didn’t work out enough and therefore you need to kick it up a notch on your next gym session, if you see a girl or guy working out next to you and you want to impress them go for it and lift heavy, when I watched the one person I didn’t like come up to me and wanted to talk at the gym I just lifted and avoided having a conversation while getting a good pump at the same time, if you want to be a super human act like one.

I may have over exaggerated a little bit but that’s what it’s all about, even though you are just starting out, it helps if you kind of have an idea of what you need to do or try to do, with time you will learn tricks and exercises that will help you on your journey to accomplish big things in the gym and in life, it’s all about trial and error, that said, in order to succeed you first must fail.

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