Gym Psychology and Focus for Your Best Gains

Bodybuilder posingWeight lifting is a mix of physical and mental strength; a lot of people seem to think that just because a guy is thin he can’t lift as heavy as the 300lb guy next to him. The mind is very powerful, whatever you think will be projected by your body so if you think you can’t do something you probably won’t, your mindset is what defines your success rate towards your workouts and life in general, if you want to be successful inside and outside of the gym you need to change the way you look at things, even though you can apply these tips to your training sessions they also reflect on the attitude that should be taken upon life in general, you will see why.

Determination: If you want something really bad you have to do the impossible to get it, you need to be motivated and willing to go the extra mile; you need to be determined to have that something you so badly want, it doesn’t matter if it’s a nice body or a nice car! Use your failures as fuel to help you go the extra mile.Focus: You need to concentrate on whatever it is you’re doing! You can’t mess around and expect to get the best results possible, make time for your workout and don’t let anything interfere, if you want to make a big lift like a 315lb bench press imagine yourself doing it before the movement starts and then go ahead and go for it, if you don’t get succeed on your first or second try you will probably get it on your third, keep on moving and never stop.

Will: The word says it all, if you don’t want something bad enough you won’t have it, you have to be willing to train an extra hour or fight against the pain in order to make your physique evolve into something new, it’s no different than you wanting to drive that nice Mercedes Benz that’s passing by, if you want it you have to be determined, focused and willing to do anything in your way to get that car while still being honest, if you want the body of your dreams you are going to have to work for it, it’s not just going to be handed to you

Some days are better than others, you could be having a bad day at work but you could have an amazing training session at the gym, it all depends on what you want the outcome to be, it doesn’t matter what you do, always go all at it, if you want to deadlift 500lbs you have to think that you can lift that and more, the only thing holding you back from self improvement is yourself. Mr. Olympia Phil Heath once said that if you want to have something that you’ve never had before you have to be willing to do something that you’ve never done before, shake everything off and look forward, bodybuilding is a constant battle with yourself, if you can get your body and mind in synch you will accomplish a whole more than just a simple lift.

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