Improving Testosterone Levels After 40

It was not until I actually reached the young age of 48 that I began to wonder what the hell had happened to me, sure I had been absent from the gym for a year but when I returned and wanted to pick up where I left off it seemed difficult, at first it was sheer weakness and lack of energy, and being someone who had worked out lifting pretty heavy when I did train, my strength had diminished. At that point I wondered if a doctors visit was not in order. I did go and have a medical check-up and there were a couple of things that had dropped, and the primary one was my testosterone  levels which after talking with friends of mine they to had similar issues.

Low testosterone levels can diminish both energy, strength and stamina,  including loss of sex drive and of course low HGH levels can lead to similar symptoms, if testosterone levels are to low some doctors will recommend TRT “testosterone replacement therapy” but I personally I was not ready to begin adding some kind of chemicals to my body at this stage in my life, I did some research and found that there are certain supplements that can be taken to help improve or boost testosterone.

Why I decided against chemical testosterone therapy

While there has been a boom of advertising about low T is it a safe alternative? for me personally it was not, some of the risks of testosterone therapy replacement can include higher risks of heart disease, stroke and prostate issues, the one thing that concerned me more was having my body build up a possible dependency to give me yet more issues later on in life, so why start some kind of therapy before you absolutely have to.

While there are many advertisements about how testosterone therapy can help, I still am one of those people who will always take a natural approach first, after doing my own  research I found several supplements that offer a better solution, you see sometimes low testosterone levels can not only be caused because of age, it can also be caused by improper diet, stress and lack of exercise.

Why a supplement may be better

Even if we do exercise and eat right we still may not be providing our body with the right nutrients, testosterone therapy regardless of how it is applied be it an injection, patch or a gel has its limits, what no one tells you is that there is always a risk that your body will become dependent over time,  and in the future may not produce testosterone after prolonged use, and of course why should it if its being provided chemically.

There are many dietary supplements that contain important ingredients to replenish the male body with certain things it needs to naturally increase testosterone levels, plus there is no risk of the body becoming dependent as it would be with TRT.

In my case I have been pretty impressed with a couple different alternatives that have helped me considerably, and I have noticed significant improvements, not only in strength but also stamina and better sex drive, while some will question the effectiveness of dietary supplements that is perfectly ok, in my case I find it a relief that there are natural alternatives that have given me a comparable solution without having to worry about possible side effects.

Some articles I found that had some good information about testosterone replacement therapy include:

Harvard University Article

Web MD

The bottom line is you will have to do what is right for you,  the two articles above definitely give a good perspective on TRT and for some men there might not be another option,  for me the supplements have worked just fine, not to mention its a hell of a lot cheaper,  and in my opinion much safer.


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