How Do I Know If I Should Take Steroids?

182146488If you’re asking yourself this question, you should probably think about your goals twice, probably 50% of the people that take or have taken steroids in their life have done it because they were or are mentally and physically ready, you always hear on the news about this guy and this gal taking steroids at the Olympics, NFL or MLB, most of these people take them because it’s their career, it’s their life and they make money off of it. Bodybuilders probably take all of the credit when it comes to steroid consumption, when somebody sees a muscular guy walk by the first thing that comes to mind is “That guy takes steroids”, prejudice is a strong weapon in modern day society, since I have my fair part of knowledge that I have acquired along my lifetime I can say that there is high chance that the guy that just walked by is indeed steroid free and here’s why.

The human body is such a complex machine that it’s so hard to understand it in general terms; each body is completely different in its composition and the way it works. If you walk into a gym you will have the small guy and the big guy (both are natural), what makes them different? Firstly, they are genetically different, therefore; their muscular potential and development differ completely, if you notice, the big guy is probably lifting heavy and with a lot of intensity while the small guy is probably messing around, the big guy’s diet is probably full of good caloric source foods while the small guy eats junk, well, the same thing applies if you want to take steroids, if you don’t lift or exercise like you should and your diet isn’t perfect, it’s not going to matter.

If you do research on a certain professional bodybuilder you will find that even at a young Girl measuring guys bicepsage he was determined and driven, he had genetic potential and he was patient, as soon as he reached his maximum natural potential and he saw that it was time to take it to the next step, he started taking performance enhancement drugs, the PED’s alone didn’t get him the god like physique, it was the hard work and dedication.

So that takes us to the important question, Should you take steroids? It depends, first ask yourself, how long have you been exercising for? How old are you? When you exercise do you take it to the ultimate level? How’s your diet? What do you want out of steroids? Can you achieve what you want without steroids? And lastly, is it worth it? If you train with passion, you love exercising, you want to look like Hercules and you’ve done everything in your power to get what you want and it still isn’t enough, then, consider taking steroids but if you haven’t done any of the above first try doing them and then ask yourself the same questions again, if your answers are yes to everything then you can start your first steroid cycle to create a more complete superior version of yourself.

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