Safe Sarms Alternatives for Bodybuilding

Safe Sarms Alternatives for Bodybuilding: Benefits, side effects, and results

Men and women who are trying to improve their physique will go to great lengths to achieve perfect conditioning. While steroids, both anabolic and legal seem to be the product of choice, some men and women overlook the benefits of SARMs. there are many men and women who are looking for safe and effective ways to transform their body with the least amount of side effects. In this article, I will review the best safe SARMs alternatives for bodybuilding.

What are Sarms?

The name SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. SARMs were introduced into mainstream science in the 90's however, SARMS have been around for much longer than that. Steroidal SARMs have been used in medicine since the 1940's and similar to anabolic steroids they have been used to treat bone and muscle wasting diseases including osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, steroidal SARMs also have an ugly side to them, and like steroids, they can cause side effects.

When people hear the term SARMs many believe they do not have side effects, the truth is many do. In men, they can convert to estrogen, cause gynecomastia (man boobs) reduce sex drive and cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

In women they can cause symptoms of masculinization including excess body hair, deepening of the voice and baldness. While the side effects are not as harsh as they are from taking steroids, they should still be considered

There are two kinds of SARMs non-steroidal and steroidal

Steroidal or Non-Steroidal Sarms

There is a big difference between steroidal and non-steroidal SARMs.  In 1990 scientist developed something called protein based SARMs. Both SARMs stimulate protein synthesis, the difference is, Steroidal SARMs increase protein synthesis in all of the body's cells, whereas non-steroidal SARMs only affect certain DNA cells responsible for muscle gains or wasting.

Nonsteroidal SARMs have been used in bodybuilding for the last couple of decades and similar to anabolic steroids they help increase muscle, strength and improve athletic performance. According to many studies, the side effects from nonsteroidal SARMs seems to be lower than that of anabolic steroids. The downside to nonsteroidal SARMs is that they take some time to work (3-6 months) whereas the results from anabolic steroids happen within weeks.

Benefits of SARMs

SARMs provide similar benefits to those of anabolic steroids which includes increasing lean muscle mass, bone density, and help burn body fat. The purpose of SARMs is to stimulate androgen receptors. In theory, SARMs are much less toxic but there are different viewpoints on this, in some situations, SARMs are just as harmful or even more so than anabolic steroids.

Are SARMs Safe?

This is kind of a complicated question, most will tell you that SARMs are safe, (especially nonsteroidal). The problem is that SARMs have not been as popular as steroids so fewer people have used them, plus there are many companies that sell them, however, it's really hard to know exactly what is in the formulas.

What we do know is that many pro athletes have been using SARMs since 2015, and some of them have been suspended and even stripped of their title due to SARMs use.

For example, college basketball star Allonzo Trier (Arizona Wildcats) tested positive for SARMs and was suspended. Ricky Gerard a well known CrossFit athlete was stripped of his title for failing a drug test due to using SARMs.

Are SARMs Legal?

In some countries, SARMs are sold as dietary supplements and are legal. Other countries like Australia consider SARMs illegal and in the world of competitive bodybuilding, SARMs are forbidden, If they show up on a drug test you could be disqualified.

SARMs Side Effects

Many pro bodybuilders and athletes switch to SARMs thinking they are a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. Unfortunately, since SARMs use has not been as popular as steroids there has not been much bad press.

What we do know is that Steroidal SARMS can cause similar side effect to those of anabolic steroids, in fact, some may be more toxic to your liver than steroids. Other known side effect form SARMs are similar to those from taking anabolic steroids, those side effects may include:

  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Irritability
  • Poor sex drive
  • Liver damage
  • High cholesterol

The bottom line is that SARMs do have side effects. The big issue that we see with SARM's is that they do have some degree of toxicity and since they take longer to work long-term SARMs use can lead to health problems.

Safe SARMs Alternatives for Bodybuilding

A lot of men and women are willing to go the extra mile and take drugs, steroids and whatever else they feel is necessary. However, others want a healthy solution, and believe it or not there are safe SARMs alternatives for bodybuilders and athletes.

Top Legal Steroids offer men and women a safe SARMs alternative with no side effects

Top Legal Steroids a Safe SARMs Alternative

Top Legal steroids are safe SARMs alternative that is all natural and do not have side effects.

You are probably thinking to yourself. Oh no! Another supplement. Well yes, but Top Legal Steroids are something that is unique in that it delivers results and is completely safe. Most supplements do provide results to some extent, but nothing delivers visible results like Top Legal Steroids.

Top Legal Steroids

There are a couple of things that make Top Legal Steroids unique. For starters, Top Legal Steroids come in liquid form just like SARMs. The benefit of this is that they are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. The other benefit of these legal steroids is that they are endorsed by pro bodybuilders who have used them to prepare for competitions. You do not get better proof than that!

Top Legal Steroids are the perfect SARMs alternative 

What Are Top Legal Steroids

Top Legal Steroids can be used as a safe SARMs or anabolic steroid alternative. They are made with all natural ingredients and are suitable for both men and women.

Top Legal Steroids use proven ingredients that have been around for over 200 years.

Top Legal Steroids sells three products that can be taken individually or can be stacked for improved results. The products include the following:

GH Flex

GH Flex is a powerful compound developed to help you increase lean muscle mass. It also speeds up the muscle recovery process, reduces fatigue, and improves sleep patterns. This is a must-have for men and women who train intensely and need to speed up recovery time and prevent muscle and joint pain.

The ingredients in GH Flex include the following:

  • Arnica Montana has been used for centuries as a pre-workout, it helps stimulate blood and oxygen flow into the muscles.
  • Carduus Marianus is used to detoxify the liver and strengthen the immune system.
  • Hepar Suis is a natural HGH (Human Growth Hormone) alternative to help increase HGH levels to increase strength and muscle.
  • Korean Ginseng is been clinically proven to help your body adapt to high levels of stress. It also helps increase endurance and speed up muscle recovery.
  • Phosphoricum Acidum helps prevent exhaustion and mental stress these are essential for maintaining mental focus during any strenuous exercise or athletic activity.
  • Pituitary Suis helps increase hormone production and regulates the body's hormonal glands.
  • The GH Flex is the ultimate HGH booster to help give you strength and power. It comes in a liquid form and is absorbed quickly.

Benefits of GH Flex include:

  • Increase lean muscle
  • Speed up post-workout recovery
  • Train harder and reduce fatigue
  • Helps relieve back and joint pain
  • Boost mental focus

Winnie Flex

Winnie Flex is a safe Winstrol alternative to help you get ripped and shredded, this formula can be used by both men and women with no side effects.

Winnie Flex

Winnie Flex has one goal and that is to eliminate body fat while maintaining lean muscle, this is the ideal formula that can be used during a cutting or lean bulking cycle. It will help you increase strength and naturally boost hormone production. The ingredients in Winnie Flex include the following:

  • Complex Amino Acids
  • Thuja Occidentalis
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Thyroid Extract
  • Apis Melifica

Winnie Flex is the perfect SARMs alternative and is one of the most powerful legal formulas for cutting. it will help you quickly eliminate body fat, speed up your metabolism and maintain a healthy body weight all year round, even during the offseason.

Test Flex

Test Flex is a high-performance SARMs alternative to help you increase strength and lean muscle. The is by far the best legal testosterone alternative that is more potent than your average Testosterone booster. It is quickly absorbed making it more effective than most dietary supplement pills.

Test Flex

Test Flex is a close SARMs alternative that has no harsh chemicals and is completely safe, what you will experience is incredible strength and the ability to pack on lean muscle quickly. Test Flex contains the following ingredients:

  • Avena Sativa
  • Damiana
  • Millefolium
  • Pituitary Extract (Pituitary Suis)
  • Saw Palmetto (Sabal serrulata)
  • Thuja Occidentalis
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Nettle Root (Urtica Urens)

Benefits of using Test Flex include:

  • Boost strength and performance
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Increase training intensity
  • Boost sex drive
  • Prevent fatigue

How effective are SARMs Alternatives?

In the case of top legal steroids, there are no gimmicks, Top Legal Steroids has dozens of real testimonials from pro bodybuilders who have used their products with incredible results.

Top Legal Steroids Testimonials

Pros and Cons of SARMs alternatives

  • A safe and legal alternative to steroidal SARMs
  • No side effects
  • Fast results
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Not suitable for men and women under the age of 18


Top Legal Steroids are the best SARMs substitute you will find. They have been selling for over a decade and offer men and women a safe SARMs alternative that is hard to beat. The company delivers a solid product that will give you fast results.

Where to buy

While we have seen Top Legal Steroids sold on Amazon they are more expensive. We recommend you purchase the products from the official website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product along with free shipping.

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