Who Says Supplements Do Not Work

I admit I love working out,  and now in my late 40’s I can still hammer the weights pretty good, day after day if you are any kind of athlete or just the average guy, training can be harder, our testosterone levels begin to dwindle as well as other key hormones our body needs to maintain muscle mass. I do admit, I am an advocate for supplement use and I always have been, some have worked very well and others not so well, but its just like bodybuilding,  its trial and error. Every day I go to the gym I try to shock the muscle, always changing my training routines.

I am not s big as I used to be, in my younger days at 6 ft 2inches I weighed around 280 lbs and had a 32 inch waist, people always asked me what I was taking, I would take a variety of supplements that I would purchase from the back pages of muscle and fitness magazine.

About 6 years ago I ordered a tub of a Creatine supplement, at that time I was 40 years old and living in Mexico, since the company would not ship here I had a friend bring it down, it sat on the desk in my office for about a week before I took it home and began using it, for that week that tub of Creatine was the centerpiece of conversation, friends and clients would see it and some comments were “that sh***t don’t work” or how much did you spend on that, what a waste of money.

After about three weeks of using that Creatine supplement which contained other ingredients besides Creatine my arms started coming back, when I was in my 20’s I had around 22 inch arms which had dwindled to about 19 but after three weeks of taking that Creatine they began to blow up as did the rest of my body, not to mention overall strength gains,  at the gym guys would ask, hey man are you shooting up? and I would answer no I am just taking some Creatine, they would walk off with a puzzled look.

It was not until I ordered a second and third tub of that Creatine supplement that on my 4rth order 7 months later that particular product had been discontinued.

My whole point is that so many people bash supplements, but I have always had an open mind and have been willing through trial and error to find certain products that have worked for me, and while some have not have had the results I sometimes expected, one way or another they have had a positive effect on my body, sometimes more energy other times more strength. So anytime people try to say that supplements do not work,  I just smile and remember the good old days when I was using what I thought was a plain old Creatine supplement,  that actually contained traces of juice.

Later on,  I guess it was in 2006 or 2007 I read somewhere that the company Bodybuilding.com had been fined by the FDA for selling supplements that contained anabolic substances and yes it was one of their products I had been using.  I am just glad that I tried it back then just as I try new stuff now, I guess I will never change,  as the saying goes, “nothing ventured nothing gained” Yes I still use supplements and some of my favorites are some of the new products branded as legal steroids and HGH boosters which so far I am still satisfied with, the results they have provided me have been great, I am always willing to try new things especially if I think it can help me maintain my energy and strength levels both in and out of the gym.

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