Skinny Wanna Be’s and That Supplement Stuff Does Not Work

The other day I posted a couple of articles on Reddit about legal steroids. I got slammed by a few “what I felt were less than knowledgeable keyboard warriors”. I have been using and reviewing many different supplements over the last decade.

In my younger days, I did cycle some steroids for a very short period of time.I used steroids like Testosterone, Deca, and Dianabol, but that has been many years ago.

Did it have side effects?

Yes, but they were mild, however, I did build muscle mass, plus I gained more strength. Before taking steroids I weighed in at a lean 260 lbs, after a one-month bulking cycle I went up to 300 lbs. I had decent genetics and building muscle was fairly easy for me.

My cycles were few and far between; after only two small local competitions I decided that steroids were not worth the money or the potential risk.

I do continue to use a variety of supplements and have found many to offer positive results to some extent or another.

Skinny guy lifting dumbbell in one hand

One thing that kills me is the skinny guys that take steroids and are still skinny, this is probably the same group of guys that rant on the different bodybuilding forums, saying that supplements don’t work and to save your money.

The real problem these guys have is that they take steroids and even so, they can't gain muscle, they stupidly continue to spend their money on synthetic steroids and they remain scrawny.

You need more than steroids to get big

Steroids, natural or synthetic, are not the key to building muscle. First, you have to work your ass off in the gym.

If you never push yourself and train hard you wont get big.

I am almost fifty years old and can still out lift most guys in their twenties and thirties, and when I see them workout; I'm saying to myself, really? and you're juicing? “many do have a tendency to brag”

The bottom line is that most of those guys that are roiding up should not be, they should really be saving their money, Seriously!

Legal steroids and supplements don’t work

If you are going to the gym and lifting sissy weight you won't grow, if you lift heavy weight and don’t eat you won't grow, essentially no matter what you do, if you do not take your training and your nutrition seriously, guess what? you won't grow.

Supplements do work, in the sense that they provide your body with extra nutrients that you are most likely not getting from food alone,  so if you are training hard and lifting heavy, supplements will help.

Creatine is another supplement that does not work! at least that’s what the skinny guys use to tell me. I began taking creatine in the mid-1980’s and guess what, I grew even more.

Back then we did not have the internet, but we still had the skinny guys in the gym saying that a particular supplement would not work, and to not waste my money, now sports enthusiast ingest creatine like crazy “oh the irony”.

So what is the key to building muscle and getting big?

Ask any bodybuilder or big muscular guy. if they are honest, they will tell you to train hard and eat, you can't expect to lift light weight and grow, you need to train smart, train heavy, and eat well.

Do that and you will notice gains, supplementation, in my opinion, does work! No matter what your caloric intake is, there are certain nutrients that you are most likely not getting, which is why supplements can help.

Most supplements contain key ingredients that will help you push more weight and help your muscles recover faster, many have certain herbs and stimulants that can keep your training intensity consistent.

So, keep an open mind and don’t ever knock something until you have tried it, ignore the skinny guys, focus on yourself and let them keep on talking.

Rory Was a Skinnny Wanna Be Who Increased Muscle Mass

If you are skinny you can do something about it

Just because you are skinny does not mean you have to stay that way. Anyone can adopt a good training plan and increase lean muscle.

Stop focusing on your arms and get down and dirty there are many exercises that will get you massive. Do rack pulls, deadlifts, and squats. those are the exercises that pack on mass.


No one has to be a skinny wannabe, train hard like a beast, eat good food and watch your muscles grow. Good luck to you.


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