Squats For Maximum Size Gains

You have probably heard the term many times “don't skip leg day” and there is a reason for that,  I am not one to be critical but carrying around a Johnny Bravo physique does not look good, I do realize that everyone is genetically different but if you do not squat you are missing out on the many benefits that squatting can offer.

When performing squats, proper form is highly recommended and there are a gazillion youtube videos that can give you an idea on how to perform the squat properly,  in this article I am going to discuss the benefits that the barbell squat can offer,  many people consider the squat a dreaded exercise, if performed properly it will leave you winded, depleted and weak, but the long term benefits are worth the pain and effort.


There are many variations of the squat, including the front squat, back squat, and dumbbell squats, the one that offers the most benefit are barbell front and rear squats.

Increase hormone production 

Testosterone is the building block for building muscle and the barbell squat is a full body exercise that uses many different muscles in the body, hormones are produced by the endocrine glands,  those hormones eventually make it into the muscle by binding to a receptor hormone in the body. What this binding does is signal the cells DNA, in this case, testosterone which enhances the development of muscle protein stimulating more muecle growth.

The amount of testosterone released will vary depending on the workout,  butsquats work many major muscle groups in the body which causes a higher release of testosterone.

Increase strength and muscle size

Besides increasing the quadricep muscles, hamstrings and calves the squat will strengthen the lower back and improve the body's overall core which will make you stronger for performing other exercises such as deadlifts, when performed correctly squats also strengthen the abdominal muscles. Sporting big legs will give you more strength and stimulate the rest of your body to grow more.

Burn more body fat

Performing the squat is not an easy task especially if you are using moderate to heavy weight, try performing 5 sets of 10 -20 reps and it will deplete you and leave you out of breath which serves as a good cardio workout,  burning more fat both during and after your workout.

Improve endurance

The fact that the squats are a difficult exercise what it does is build up endurance making it easier to train other muscle groups more intensely making back and chest workouts seemingly easy after a heavy day of performing squats.

Get ripped while building muscle 

If you want to get ripped and shredded there are two things you need to do and that is increase cardio workouts and watch your diet, squats as mentioned above, will give you a cardio workout and help you burn fat at the same time.

Squats should be performed using proper form keeping your back straight, when you go down you should go down parallel to the floor, for deep squats you can go down below parallel, make sure you are looking ahead when doing the squat movement, avoid looking up or down which can cause you to arch your back, its always wise to stretch your quads and hamstrings with some light exercise before performing full-blown squats.

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