Best Back Exercises for Thickness

Best Back Exercises for Gaining Thick and Dense Muscle

If you are one of those guys that just trains to look good you probably focus on what everyone else does and that is to train arms, chest, and abs. However, if you are looking to gain muscle mass and want a well-rounded physique you need to train your back. In this article, I will reveal the best back exercises to help you gain thickness and strength.

Most skinny guys who focus on looking good, accomplish just that, when we talk thick and dense back muscles we are referring to the likes o Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman.

Best Back Exercises = Bodybuilder posing flexing back muscles

Your back is a big muscle group. It gives you that v taper and a massive back looks impressive.

Everyone has their own way of training as do I. I like to keep my training routine simple.  I focus on compound movements with barbells and dumbbells.

Why Just Barbells and Dumbbells?

I personally believe that the best way to shock the back muscle is by using compound movements. You really do not need a lot of equipment or a fancy gym to get a good back workout.

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I am the editor and contributor to,  I have been bodybuilding for over the last two decades and have learned first hand a lot about the sport.

During those years I have had experience with using steroids both legal and anabolic and the impact they can have on performance and health. I am here to share with you legal steroids reviews and a few of my favorite training methods.

Should You Do Rack Pulls?

Should you do rack pulls? If you want to increase your deadlift and have a thicker back you should!

Rack pulls are one of those exercises that you will not see many people doing in the gym. The rack pull is like a deadlift with a shorter range of motion. I have had friends train with me on back day and most give up halfway through the workout. I believe the only way to achieve muscle thickness is to focus on compound exercises, the rack pull, along with the deadlift are two of the best exercises for that.

Guy With Massive Back

Rack pulls help build up strength fast

There have been a few times in my life where I have been absent from the gym for 6 months or longer. If you have trained with weights, you know how quickly you can lose strength after you stop training. Rack pulls, if performed on a regular basis (once a week), can help increase how much you can deadlift fast. After one prolonged absence from the gym, I was only able to deadlift 220lbs. After one month of deadlifting along with heavy rack pulls I was easily able to jump up to deadlifting 440lbs.

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