What Does It Take to Become a Mr. Olympia

Ronni coleman performing bicep curlsIt’s no secret that having as much muscle as a Mr. Olympia is not easy , most people will think that having a body like Ronnie Coleman is impossible and therefore all the pictures online are fake, well, if you’re a hardcore bodybuilder you of all people know that a Mr. Olympia’s physique resembles Photoshop but it is anything but that.

Most people view a Mr. Olympia physique in awe while others think it’s just stupid or even disgusting to get that big, well, there’s that 5% like us that dream to have a physique as close to a Mr. Olympia as possible even if we’re talking 70’s, 80’s or 90’s Physiques like Schwarzenegger’s, Haney’s and Yates, earning a physique like that can be a pretty complicate task, less than 1% of bodybuilders out there achieve that level of development and here we explain why.

Training: Muscle building isn’t complicated even though most people try to make it that way (Crossfitters), Mr. Olympia’s had to start somewhere so they weren’t always this smart when it came to training, every single Mr. Olympia out there ranging from Larry Scott to today’s champ Phil Heath, started training with free weights and compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, dumbbell curls etc.

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Bodybuilding Myths

Bodybuilder performing pulley exerciseIf you’re really into the fitness world or into the sport of bodybuilding it’s probably because you started training in high school to look good and get the girls, now it’s a part of your lifestyle and your dream is to look like a Greek God or even a Monster if that’s what you want.

Now, you’ve probably read a few bodybuilding magazines or even came across fitness related articles in bodybuilding websites, some of the tittles on these magazines or websites usually look or read like this: “Get ripped to shreds in one month!” “Put an inch on your arms in one week” “Eat anabolic to look anabolic” “How to get legs like Mr. Olympia” “Mr. Olympia’s daily meal plan”

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