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Differences Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

The bodybuilding and powerlifting philosophies have clashed against each other for as long as time can remember. A longing fight for dominance created by the faithful followers of the respective training styles questioned both the relevance and the importance of … Continue reading

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Bodybuilding after Forty for Men

One of the most frequent questions professional bodybuilders and athletes get asked is, “Am I too old to start weight lifting?” the answer to this will always be “No, you’re never too old” and they are not just saying that. … Continue reading

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An Opinion on Bodybuilding

Today,  fitness is one of the most popular trends amongst individuals of all ages but it wasn’t always like this, in today’s society there are a bunch of different activities that people can choose from in order to achieve mental … Continue reading

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I Want to Transform My Body

The human body is a really sophisticated machine but pretty easy to understand, if your goal is to have a completely different body than you have right now you have to understand that no magical pill is going to accomplish … Continue reading

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