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Improving Testosterone Levels After 40

It was not until I actually reached the young age of 48 that I began to wonder what the hell had happened to me, sure I had been absent from the gym for a year but when I returned and wanted to pick up where I left off it seemed difficult.

At first, it was sheer weakness and lack of energy, and being someone who had worked out lifting pretty heavy when I did train, my strength had diminished.

At that point, I wondered if a doctors visit was not in order. I did go and have a medical check-up and there were a couple of things that had dropped, and the primary one was my testosterone levels which after talking with friends of mine they too had similar issues.

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Low testosterone levels can diminish both energy, strength, and stamina,  including loss of sex drive and of course low HGH levels can lead to similar symptoms.

If testosterone levels are too low, some doctors will recommend TRT “testosterone replacement therapy” but I personally was not ready to begin adding some kind of chemicals to my body at this stage in my life.

The worst thing about low testosterone is that as you get older you begin to accumulate more fat, low testosterone causes your metabolism to slow down.

I did some research and found that there are a few good supplements that can help boost testosterone.

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