Halotestin Why do Bodybuilders Use It

Halotestin why do bodybuilders use it, what are the benefits and side effects of this anabolic steroid?

Released in 1957 by Upjohn, Halotestin is one of the most powerful and fast acting anabolic steroids today. This compound contains an active steroidal hormone known as Fluoxymesterone that comes in oral form.

Its properties comprise of anabolic and androgenic activity that is stronger than the steroid hormone testosterone. Commonly referred to as Halo, this substance contains an enormous amount of anabolic and androgenic rating 1,900 and 850 respectively.

Testosterone, which is a powerful hormone, carries a rating of 100 in both elements. This alone shows you how extraordinarily potent Halotestin is. Nonetheless, Halotestin’s androgenic function does not go well with its structural nature.

The androgenic properties do not display any traits at all, despite the fact that it is a testosterone derivative. It works more as an anabolic. This enables to increase strength rapidly, build a hard physique and maintain energy levels which is essential during a cutting cycle. These features make it a favorite amongst bodybuilders.

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