Tips to Pack on Muscle for Hard Gainers

I have never had an issue with gaining muscle mass, my biggest issue has always been leaning out which makes sense, since I do have an endomorph body which makes it easy to pack on muscle but leaves a lot desired when it comes to leaning out and getting cut.

Anyone with an ectomorph body generally struggles with gaining muscle mass and some of it can be due to bone structure and a fast metabolism which can make it hard to pack on extra muscle mass, there is no reason why you cannot gain muscle, it just might take a little more effort but it can be done, you just have to make up your mind to do what it takes to get your body there.

There are a few essential things that you can do, as obvious as they may seem many hard gainers get so caught up in why they cant gain instead of moving forward and trying to find things that work for them, everyone has their own genetic challenges, the important thing to do is face them straight on and make your genetics work for you.

Lifting heavy

The human body is amazing, the more you throw at it, the more it tries to accommodate, lifting heavy weight will tear your muscles and force them to heal and grow, the more you lift the more muscle mass you can add, not as easy as it sounds but the principle is pretty basic, if you are just starting out “novice” start of slow with light to moderate weight, but if you have been lifting for a while it’s time to pick up the pace and keep your sets to 4-5 and your rep ranges between 4-8 with that rep range you should be lifting between 80% – 90% of your one rep max and begin increasing weight over time, it does not have to be a colossal weight increase just try to increase your weight gradually week after week.

Ripped bodybuilder posing

Compound exercises

When it comes to lifting the core body parts are going to help you get big, legs, back and chest are key body parts that should be targeted,  at least for the first six to eight months a strong core will make every other part of your body grow.

If you are a hard gainer a lot may be your metabolism if you are getting the right amount of food you should be growing, for every pound of muscle you carry around you should be getting between 1-1.5 grams of protein which can come from any primary protein source, chicken, beef, fish, even lean cuts of lamb will work, make sure you are getting enough carbs as well, there is nothing better than a big plate of brown or white rice to keep the carb intake flowing, if you like vegetables stick with dark green veggies such as broccoli, peas, zucchini.

Skirt steak brown rice and vegetables

A hard gainers food ratio should be

  • 50% – 60% protein
  • 35-40% carbs
  • 10-15% fat

This is just a guideline and you will have to work with those numbers, remember everyone is different what works for one guy may not work for you, trial and error is where it’s at. For most guys if you want to get into macros and calories you may want start with 15 calories per pound of body weight so 150-pound guy will start will start with 2250 calories a day, then adjust accordingly, if you see you are not gaining enough you can increase the calories.

Determination and pushing yourself

When you are training regardless of where you are it is important to stay focused, I see a lot of guys in the gym thinking or standing around too much, procrastination will not help you grow, hard work and intense training will, so regardless where you train make sure you focus 100% keep things consistent and before you know it those gains will be a reality even if you are a hard gainer.

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