Trenbolone Benefits and Side Effects

Trenbolone is a variation of nandrolone with the slight twist of two added chemical bonds found in the nucleus of the formula. As an anabolic -synthetic of testosterone – steroid, Trenbolone first became popular as a steroid given to beef cattle as a means of helping them bulk up before slaughter. In this article, I will discuss Trenbolone benefits and side effects and why bodybuilders take it.

Trenbolone Benefits and Side Effects

The same principle drew the attention of the bodybuilding community. Today, Trenbolone is an illegal, schedule III drug that can only be legally obtained and used under the supervision of a medical doctor who is good standing with their licensing board.

The Benefits of Trenbolone

The biggest benefit of injecting trenbolone is from its bulking action. Trenbolone helps the body prime itself to build bigger muscles by increasing protein synthesis in the cells.

Protein synthesis uses both DNA and RNA to instruct the cells to build peptides that help the cell to create new muscle fibers.

Currently, when a bodybuilder lifts weights or uses gym equipment the body does what it can to cope with that stress. Exercise is a trigger that the body needs to create muscle fibers.

If you build muscle and then stop exercising, what happens? The muscles shrink. This is because our bodies have a preset level of fitness that works in conjunction with our lifestyle. What that means is that our body grows and shrinks based on what we do and what we eat.

We are What We Eat

Digestion is the first step in nutrient synthesis which leads to protein synthesis. This is a physical and chemical process by which our body breaks down foods into fats (lipids,) carbs (starches and sugars,) and proteins.

If we eat too many carbs and too many fats and do not exercise we become obese. If we eat only proteins, no fats, and no carbs, we have no energy. There is a balance in food that serves a higher purpose.

When you are a bodybuilder you are trying to push your body past its “normal” fitness level. Over time, you begin to add muscle and maybe lose some fat. What Trenbolone does is it kicks your body in the behind and starts screaming build muscles and your body does. It is a hyper response to what your normal bulking mode is.

Trenbolone and Protein Synthesis

Trenorol BannerTrenbolone works because it helps your muscle cells to process incoming nutrients into usable amino acids that each muscle cell can use to grow longer and thicker muscle fibers.

When you exercise and are really feeling the burn you are damaging muscle cells. That process is needed because it kicks the body into a repair or replace mode.

At the beginning of a heavy exercise routine, your body might replace damaged muscle cells with new cells.

As the exercise routine continues, your body realizes that it must bulk up and instead of replacing cells, it starts to repair them, and, in the process, it makes the muscle cells stronger so that they can handle the exercise. Boom – just like that – you start to bulk.

Trenbolone kicks that process into hyperdrive so that your body gets to the point where it is repairing rather than replacing muscle cells faster.

Protein synthesis is the chemical process by which a cell makes a usable protein – polypeptide. It is literally a recipe that is found in your genetic code and imparted to the cell by way of a messenger RNA molecule. The process is complex and takes time, but when there is excess testosterone, the process speeds up and that is how trenbolone helps the body to add bulk.

The Results

Trenbolone is like taking your family station wagon and dropping in a large engine, supercharger, and some No2. The car was not made to handle that much power so the more you race it at top speeds, the faster other parts of the car begin to wear and break.

That is your body on trenbolone or any other anabolic steroid. There are side effects and dangers. You are going to run hotter, and have more energy and with that comes insomnia, elevated body temp, and anxiety.

We mentioned that Trenbolone is illegal to use without a prescription so naturally, it is one of the hottest and most popular of the anabolic steroids. Are you ready for trenbolone?