What Do I Want to Look Like?

Young boy lifting a dumbellIf you are new to the fitness world or you’re just looking for some info on general health and fitness you are in the right place, I remember when I started weight lifting there wasn’t much stuff or activities to pick from, I mean as a little kid I did it all; music lessons, karate, swimming etc. but none of that were for me.

When I was little I was really overweight and I didn’t really care about it until high school rolled around the corner and hit me in the face, in that very moment being in shape was my number one priority because honestly I just wanted to look good for the girls, big mistake though, since as you may know girls today go for the skinny six pack look I tried to achieve that by not eating, I jogged 3 miles every day and the end result was me turning into an anorexic and unhealthy person, at first I really didn’t care that I didn’t have any energy or looked like a skeleton but then I analyzed myself and I figured out that I was going down the wrong path, I wasn’t going out to have lunch, I didn’t eat at school and I was pretty crabby all the time, eventually people started telling me that I should just go back to being happy and overweight and that’s when it hit me, this wasn’t what I wanted or needed and it was time to change.

I joined the gym weighing nothing and looking awful (My body is naturally big) and I was the weakest person there, eventually I just focused, started eating and looking up info on nutrition and gym tips that helped me get to where I am now, I’m pretty much one of the most muscular and strongest guys in the gym and it feels pretty good!

To be honest I just ate, did cardio and lifted weights, since my body is meant to be carrying a lot of weight gaining muscle was not a problem for me, but I focused and stayed disciplined. So in a few words that’s what I did to better my body plain and simple, if you’ve ever been in the same situation you can agree that social pressure is pretty big when it comes to physical appearances or what you look like but it doesn’t have to be, you have to think about how YOU want to look like and how are you going to do it, nobody can tell you what you want and how to do it but you.

If you want to be lean and not that muscular that’s perfect, if you want to be strong with the weights and be a little overweight that’s fine too, society has become so judgmental that it plays with people’s minds, at the end of the day if you are happy with the physique you are building that’s what matters, now don’t get me wrong, what I just said doesn’t count if you enjoy fast food and watching T.V all day, in that case get off your butt and go to the gym! Weight lifting is pretty cool to be honest; if you want to get stronger, gain a lot of muscle you should give it a try. The physique I’m building is based around what I want, I don’t care what people think, all I want is to look good and be healthy but then again isn’t that what everyone wants?

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