Why Do Steroids Have a Bad Name?

Everybody claims to know what a steroid is, what it does and how it works inside the human body, they claim to know that by injecting these substances into the body muscle grows magically.

Just about anyone would think that if a guy is big and muscular he’s taking steroids and maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, a ton of factors come in play such as the person’s nutrition, training regime and overall lifestyle, the information that the general public has on steroids was popularized by the media but as everyone knows, not everything that you read or hear is true.

Man doing a powerful bicep curl

A steroid is a compound that is chemically created in a lab that simulates a human hormone that the body produces in a natural manner, steroids were originally created in order to help treat patients with hormonal deficits allowing them to live a normal and healthy life without any negative side effects or health worries, nowadays they are used by bodybuilders and professional athletes to better their sports enhancement by increasing their overall strength, power, and muscle quality and quantity.

Steroids were created to make a positive impact in people’s lives, sadly thanks to the wrong people that got a hold of these substances and somehow figured out how to use them in the sports world, steroids are considered dangerous and therefore have a bad name in society.

Bodybuilders use it to enhance their bodies inside and out allowing them to have an edge
over anybody that doesn’t consume these. Steroids are considered cheating in any sport due to the effects that it produces in the body, someone that takes steroids will have a better performance than someone that doesn’t.

Bodybuilders eventually started figuring out that taking a little testosterone and a little  Dianabol would make their muscles grow faster and they wouldn’t feel tired at all at the gym, everything has progressed and different types of steroids started appearing worldwide, because of this doping tests are performed on professional athletes but even then there are ways around these exams. When steroids started making it big in the big leagues (football, baseball etc.) the media started closing in by covering every steroid related incident.

It’s easy for someone to gain muscle if they have the right genetics without using anabolic steroids but for some reason people don’t seem to understand this, every time that someone sees a big muscular guy walking by on the street they think he’s doing steroids, chances are he isn’t, the general public’s opinion on steroids is no different than they thinking alcohol is bad, it’s all subjective.

Steroids don’t kill directly; they enhance whatever the body has, so if someone taking steroids has a heart condition, taking steroids will only amplify the problem, that’s why steroids have a bad name, because the wrong people are using them. Many people think steroids shouldn’t be used in sports, steroids only enhance what you already have, a good football player will be an even greater player once he’s on steroids.

If you have ever considered taking steroids you may want to think twice, not everyone is an athlete but would like to achieve a more muscular and bigger physique, there are products known as  legal steroids which can help you achieve the same thing, the difference being there are no side effects and they are completely natural.

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