Opti-Glutamine Powder

Supplements are essential for anyone who does high-intensity workouts and doesn’t have the time to consume proper meals, supplements are made to replace food but they should only be used as a complementary tool to food. Whey protein, mass gainers, pre-workout, fat burners etc. are the most talked about supplements in the industry simply because every individual who works out or at least thinks he does wants to burn fat and gain muscle and strength, even though supplements will do the trick along with training people should know more about the science behind these products so they can maximize their overall health and make their wallet fatter.

Each meal that you consume it doesn’t matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner, is made out of 3 basic macro-nutrient groups; Proteins, Carbohydrates and fats, a given supplement provides the same macronutrients but in a different form; digestion and use of these nutrients is different in supplements than in food. Glutamine is a supplement that no one talks or gets excited about using because people don’t know how or why it works; believe it or not, this particular amino acid is more powerful than you may think. Opti-Glutamine Ingredients 

  • 100% Pure unflavoured L- Glutamine

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the entire human body, amino acids are considered the building block of proteins meaning that without this amino acid muscle building will happen at a slower rate, the body produces it naturally in small quantities but it usually gets used up during high-intensity workouts so getting it from an external source such as vegetables or a supplement itself like Opti-Glutamine should be considered for maximizing training sessions and overall muscle gains.

Benefits of Opti-Glutamine:

  • Prevents the occurrence of a glutamine deficit that can occur after high-intensity workouts which can slow down muscle recovery time
  • Stimulates the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to increase the circulating levels in the blood which promotes protein synthesis & muscle growth
  • Scientifically proven to cause a shift from glucose metabolism to fatty acid oxidation to increase the rate of lipolysis
  • Promotes a strong immune system preventing infection and disease & acts as a neurostimulator to improve cognitive function and elevate mood

Glutamine is an important factor for cellular health because of its properties that help with cell regeneration and formation of new cells, this translates into muscle tissue repair and growth, it also helps greatly with reducing soreness in the body by preventing muscle breakdown, which means that the body goes from catabolic to anabolic state not to mention that glutamine stimulates Human Growth Hormone release.

This particular supplement was not scientifically created just for bodybuilders as it’s greatly used by runners, cyclists, swimmers etc. Their workouts are difficult and the intensity levels are high, taking glutamine helps them recover and get back to training fast. Glutamine helps strengthen the immune system meaning that the body will heal faster and your body will respond better to diseases like the flu.

In medicine glutamine plays a crucial part as it counteracts several side effects of diseases and their treatments, when a cancer patient is treated with chemotherapy they suffer from harsh side effects such as diarrhoea, and joint and muscle pain; doctors usually make them take glutamine daily to reduce the intensity of such side effects.

Opti-Glutamine is different from other supplements on the market because it simply gets the job done; you get what you pay for. This product is 100% pure meaning that it doesn’t contain any extra ingredients like sugar or proprietary blends that other companies use, it’s highly absorbable. PharmaMuscle recommends taking this supplement right after a workout so the glutamine levels in the body can be replenished and the body goes into an anabolic state, it can be taken stacked or combined with any supplement like WheyMax or CreaPlus.

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