Primobolan Benefits and Side Effects for Women

Primobolan Benefits and Side Effects for Women: Uses and Precautions

A big topic on many bodybuilding forums relates to women looking for steroids to help increase muscle and improve overall training performance. Primobolan is one of those steroids that women will consider.  In this article, I will discuss Primobolan benefits and side effects for women.

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid that also goes by the name (Methenolone Acetate)

Primobolan is available in two presentations Primobolan (oral tablets) and Primobolan Depot which is an injectable. The steroid itself has some unique attributes which is why women consider using it.

One of the biggest concerns among women who consider using anabolic steroids of any kind are the side effects they can cause, in the case of Primobolan it has an anabolic rating of 90 and an androgenic rating of 45-55. The androgenic properties are always a concern because they are what cause masculinization in women. Women often consider taking Primobolan because it has a lower androgenic effect than other anabolic steroids.

Primobolan Benefits and Side Effects for Women

The History of Primobolan

The Methenolone hormone was first introduced in 1962 by Squib, now (Bristol Myers – Squibb) Squib introduced both the oral pills and injectable Enanthate. Back then, they were sold as Nibal Depot (Injectable) and Nibal (Pills). After just a few years and poor success of the product, Schering would purchase the rights to the hormone (Methenolone) and re-introduce it into the market as Primobolan.  Since then, it was never again produced in the U.S which is why it is known mainly as a European steroid.

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Female Steroid Cycles – The Basics

Female steroid cycles should what women should know before taking anabolic steroids.

One of the topics that many don’t speak about enough is the female use of anabolic steroids. Of course, this is mainly due to the fact that most users are male. However, there is even a lack of data regarding anabolic steroid use for females. Almost all of the data you can get from studies only deals with medical applications. Which, as you can imagine, greatly differs from the physique enhancement purpose. And that can lead to issues for those who decide to try their hand at it. Of course, we will not present a comprehensive guide for steroid users. However, we will try to cover the most immediate topics and concerns you might want to know about.

We will try to explore most, if not all, of the questions and issues that concern the female use of anabolic steroids. And, if you want to know about potential side effects, you can check out any of the articles about them. Generally speaking, any of those articles will include pretty much everything you need to know.

Female Bodybuilder Performing Dummbbell Row Excersies

And when it comes to steroid stacks for females, there are many things to consider. You have to have an understanding of important differences between male and female users. Not to mention that the steroid cycle is almost exclusively designed for male use. Unfortunately for many, the majority of anabolic steroid manufacturers will use information, protocols, post cycle therapies, considerations and guidelines that simply do not apply to female steroid users.

Overall, getting into anabolic steroids for a female is definitely not an easy thing. If you choose to do so, you will have some serious disadvantages in comparison to male users. The data is not so readily available and the cycles are not that applicable. However, there are some advantages for you as well. You will have to understand all of these if you want to be successful. What we will cover in this article are primary considerations for you, as a female user, differences in protocols, suitable and unsuitable anabolic steroids for females, compounds to avoid and some examples of a steroid cycle for a female.

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5 Reasons Why Women Should do Squats

If you are a woman who is not training legs you should, here are 5 reasons why women should do squats.

If you had to choose only one exercise to do on a regular basis, which one would it be? If you asked us for advice, we would say squat! This exercise is, by far, the most important exercise for those women who want to have a sexy physique.

You can’t have a nice booty unless you do squats on a regular basis. But, the physical aspect is just one of the reasons why the squat is so amazing. Here are 5 reasons why squats need to be the pillar of your workout!

Squats Boost Your Mood

Because squats affect large groups of muscles, your heart will need to pump faster to supply your legs, back, abs and other parts of your body with blood. With the blood pumping in your veins, you will feel more alert and your mind will start working faster, making you sharper and more focused.

Why Women Should do Squats - Woman Squating

Since squats require engaging your brain as well, not just your muscles. In order to do this exercise correctly, it requires coordination and flexibility, doing squats at least twice a week will improve coordination, balance,  and flexibility.

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8 Exercises for Bigger Rounder Glutes

If you are a woman who wants a bigger butt, here are 8 exercises for bigger rounder glutes

A number of women go to the gym for one reason only – make the booty look better. Gluteus maximus, buttocks, glutes – whatever you call it, these muscles need plenty of commitment in order to look nice. The key for getting rounder glutes is combining a healthy diet with a regular exercise. But, one without the other will not bring any results.  Basically, this means that you need to eat less and train more.

Still, not every type of workout will bring the same results. You need to focus on those exercises that are proven to make your behind look nicer quickly. To help you out, here are 8 exercises that will bring results in just a couple of weeks!

1. Squat

Woman Doing Squats

Squats are your most important exercise. Not only are they great for glutes, but also for a number of other muscles, including lower back and abdominal muscles. Probably everyone knows how to do a squad, but not everyone knows how to do it in order to get the most of it. The key is in keeping your heel glued to the floor. You also need to do your best not to bend your back, but keep it as straight as possible. This may ruin your balance, but you can control it by keeping the arms stretched.

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7 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Lifting weights is not just for men. As a matter of fact, all personal trainers and bodybuilders will tell you that lifting weights is better than cardio. However, cardio exercises where you exercise for longer, with a lower amount of weight or even without it is the most popular choice.

Woman Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is a strength workout, meaning that you train your muscles for delivering full strength over a shorter period of time (completely different than a cardio workout). This is simply related to some impressive benefits you will get, so let’s see them.

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Weight Lifting for Women

Woman posing with weights in handEvery day you go to the gym you can see women are always stretching, working out their abs, doing pilates or even going to a spinning class, some of them touch a few machines here and there but you will rarely see a women at the gym execute a training routine to perfection or even try to do it.

Women are usually afraid of weights, every trainer  knows this and honestly I don’t know why! Women think that if they hit the weights they will get all muscular like all of the Ms. Olympia’s in a few months time, well, if that were the case it would apply to men too, there are men who have worked out all of their life and don’t have a physique close to Phil Heath’s, so, why would a women gain an insane amount of muscle that a man can’t gain in a year’s time? well, it can’t happen and it won’t happen, gaining muscle is difficult and requires and insane amount of work.

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