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Muscletronic Helps Boost Energy in the Gym

Muscletronic helps boost Energy in the gym improving mental focus and strength, best of all it can be used by both men and women.

Improving your physique takes time and energy, many times it can be difficult to maintain a mental focus to achieve your goals, regardless of the time of day you train be it 6:00 am or 5:00 pm it is often easy to find excuses not to go to the gym, sometimes it’s our mind and lack of energy that prevents us from exercising.

Once you get to the gym and begin training you are glad you did, but it was not easy making up your mind to go.

Muscletronic is a new and powerful “nootropic” supplement to help you boost energy and improve your mood while at the same time giving you more energy, it can be used by anyone regardless of your physical activity. Muscletronic was developed for men and women helping enhance physical strength, mental focus, and drive.

Benefits of Muscletronic

The things that male Muscletronic a practical supplement is the fact that it is is suitable for anyone of any fitness level, some of the benefits of this supplement include the following:

  • Give you more focus and drive
  • Help you increase lean muscle
  • Help burn fat
  • Improve mood and reduce the feelings of stress that may cause anxiety and depression
  • Increase your physical capabilities
  • Suitable for men and women of any fitness level
  • Improve your physical strength and energy flow

Increase motivation with Muscletronic

We all want to increase our physical performance to some degree or another and something that always stands in the way is the motivation to continue to train, a training partner can make things easier but they are often not available,  so it’s up to you to keep focused and continue to train which is why taking Muslcetronic can help.

Muscletronic ingredients

Muscletronic knows that if they do not deliver real results their product will be short-lived, which is why they spent a lot of time and research combining the right ingredients that provide real results.

Alpha GPC is a neurotransmitter which main purposes is to carry chemical information to your body and brain, increasing mental function, it also increases acetylcholine which improves muscle contractions during workouts.

Vitamin B is found in many foods and nutritional supplements, often excess alcohol or poor nutrition can deplete Vitamin B levels in the body and if you train hard you need Vitamin B because it helps convert protein, carbs, and fat into usable energy.

Forskolin extract in simple terms helps reduce triglyceride levels which means it reduces the amount of fat your cells hold, there have been several studies showing the positive effects of using Forskolin to help reduce body fat.

Golden Root also is known as  (Rhodiola Rosea) is not something commonly found in many supplements, what it does is help your body cope with stress and prevent symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Other ingredients in Muscletronic include Caffeine, L-Theanine and Citrus Aurantium extract which help increase energy, reduce fatigue and help accelerate fat loss.

Muscletronic burns fat

If you are already on the fast road to gaining muscle it can be a difficult balance to try and maintain muscle while losing stubborn fat, one of the unique features of this supplement is that it acts as an effective fat burner so while you hammering out those heavy reps, you will also be eliminating visceral fat helping you maintain that ripped look and maintaining your current muscle gains.

Muscletronic recommends the following dosage

First 5 days

On non-training days take 2 capsules first thing in the morning after waking up, on workout days they recommend taking 2 capsules a half hour before you begin your training session.

After the first 5 days

On non-training days take 2 capsules when waking up and 2 capsules with lunch, on training days take 2 capsules in the morning after waking up and 2 capsules a half hour before you begin training.

Please note that Muscletronic is a powerful stimulant so you make sure you don’t take the product 5 hours before going to bed and like any stimulant it is best to take midday to avoid issues sleeping at night.

How much does Muscletronic cost

  • 1 month supply of Muscletronic (120 pills) cost $56.95
  • 3 Month supply $113.98
  • 6 Month supply $228.02


Muscletronic is the perfect supplement for those who struggle maintaining motivation and mental focus in the gym, it will eliminate those days you procrastinate in the gym and turn those days into mentally focused and intense training sessions, one of the other things we like about their products is that it can easily be stacked along with Whey Protein and Creatine with no adverse side effects.

Where to buy Muscletronic

You will not find Muscletronic sold in stores and we highly recommend purchasing the product directly from the official website to take advantage of their special offers and to take advantage of their no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.






Quality of Ingredients





  • Helps improve focus and drive
  • Burns fat
  • Helps increase lean muscle
  • Improves mood and allertness
  • Can be used by both men and women


  • Only sold online

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