5 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Supplements Don’t Work

5 Reasons why bodybuilding supplements don’t work and what you can do to change their effectiveness

A few weeks ago a young man contacted me about a recent purchase he had made of a specific supplement, he was puzzled at why he had not seen very good results. This is not uncommon, people often purchase things and expect unrealistic results, the truth is, in order for a supplement to work properly you also have to do your part.

You can go to the best gym in the world with state of the art equipment and lots of heavy weight, but if you are not motivated and are not willing to put in some effort, you will not see gains. The same goes for taking supplements, you can take the best supplements money can buy but if you don’t train hard you will not see any benefit.

In this article, I will explain 5 reasons why bodybuilding supplements don’t work and what you can do to improve their effectiveness.

 1. You are not training hard enough

Most modern day supplements also known as legal or anabolic supplements only work if you train, unlike (synthetic hormones) anabolic supplements only work if you stimulate your body to demand more hormones. When you train with heavy weight you make body d demand more testosterone, when you take a legal steroid it fills that demand helping your body produce more.

2. You are not getting enough protein in your diet

Most quality supplements are meant to help increase the nutrients your body receives, protein is the building block of muscle and when you train heavy you tear the muscle, forcing it to grow, in order to heal and grow it needs protein.

For a sedentary person, the recommended RDA amount of protein for a sedentary person is 0.8 grams per Kilogram or 2.2 pounds of bodyweight. For a  bodybuilder, the recommended amount is 1.6-2.2 grams per kilogram (2.2 lbs) of bodyweight.

Your primary protein source should come from lean beef, lamb, chicken, and fish, men with a fast metabolism might burn through protein quickly, taking a good protein supplement will ensure your body is getting all the protein it needs ensuring proper muscle recovery and growth.

3. You are taking the wrong supplement for your body type

Not all supplements are the same, which is why it is important to analyze your body type, there are many determining factors on what kind of supplement you should take, different body types will require different supplements.

Men with a fast metabolism might require mass gainers to make sure they are getting enough calories to bulk up, while men with a slower metabolism may just require something as simple as creatine.

4. The supplements you buy are of inferior quality

Just because the supplements you bought were expensive does not mean they are quality, when it comes to bodybuilding supplements, you need to pay attention carefully to the label.

There are some very reasonable priced supplements that work as well or better than some of the high priced ones. If you are looking to bulk up, make sure you look into a good prohormone supplement, as they will work better than those that do not contain prohormones.

5. You are not cycling your supplements properly

Supplements are like training, train the same way all the time for an extended period of time and your body will no longer respond, supplements are the same way. Most supplements should be cycled, meaning take the for one or two months and then rest for one, this will ensure your body does not get used to them.


We are all human,  and when something does not work for us the way we think it should we get frustrated and blame everything but ourselves. Taking a supplement is no different, find one with quality ingredients, train hard,  and you will be amazed at how well a good bodybuilding supplement can be.

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